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Fishsiam offers fishing holidays and guided packages fishing in Thailand for Giant freshwater stingrays, Giant Siamese Carp, Mekong Catfish, Giant Snakehead, Arapaima and many other species of the worlds largest freshwater fish.

Become one of a growing number of anglers who have caught some of the worlds largest freshwater fish whilst fishing in Thailand on Fishsiam guided fishing holidays.

Carp Fishing in Thailand

Fishsiam has guided for numerous television and international media such as River Monsters with Jeremy Wade, Monster Fish on National Geographic channel with Zeb Hogan, Wild Chronicles, Jakub Vagner Big Fish Man and various other television documentaries featuring us fishing in Thailand for monster fish.

Fishsiam is a conservation minded company that specialises in guided fishing holidays in Thailand which is also involved in the scientific research of Giant freshwater stingrays in the wild rivers of Thailand.


We have recently been involved in the tagging of Giant freshwater stingrays with scientists from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and Zeb Hogan from the National Geographic Society and Megafishes project in an effort to gain a better understanding of the awesome Giant freshwater stingray in its natural environment.

Fishsiam offers a wide range of fishing packages and fishing holidays in Thailand, suitable for anglers ranging from novice to highly experienced fishing for a vast selection of freshwater fish species.

Our extensive portfolio of fishing venues covers most regions of the Royal Kingdom of Thailand ranging from wild unexplored tidal rivers, large windswept dams deep surrounded by  jungle or the numerous commercial fisheries and fishing parks throughout the country which are packed with monster fish.

Whatever choice you make concerning your fishing in Thailand holiday let Fishsiam guide you through your holiday in the Land of Smiles whilst fishing for some of the largest freshwater fish in the world. 


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Giant Snakehead Mae Ngat Dam
Giant Snakehead Mae Ngat Dam
Thailand Stingray Fishing Maeklong River
Thailand Stingray Fishing Maeklong River
Giant freshwater stingray fishing Thailand
Giant freshwater stingray fishing Thailand

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Dream Lake North Thailand
Dream Lake North Thailand
Barramundi Ponds Thailand
Barramundi Ponds Thailand
Mekong River Thailand
Mekong River Thailand

Latest Fishing in Thailand News & Catch Reports

In the course of the last seven years Fishsiam has been engaged in some highly adventurous and pioneering fishing on several of Thailand's wildest and unexplored tidal river systems.

In a short seven year period Fishsiam has accounted for over 400 individual captures of Giant freshwater stingrays or (Himantura Chaophraya) with massive weights to an estimated 350kg's / 770lb. Worlds largest freshwater fish

In 2009 the Fishsiam team was joined by eminent fish biologist Dr. Zeb Hogan from the National Geographic Society on a freshwater stingray fishing expedition to both the Ban Pakong River and Maeklong River in Thailand.

During the course of this ground breaking Thailand Stingray Fishing trip the team captured twenty Giant freshwater stingrays from both rivers topped by what has widely been accredited as the unofficial worlds largest freshwater fish, a Giant freshwater Stingray estimated by scientists to weigh 350kg's!

The monster stingray caught by Anglers Mail journalist Ian Welch during the filming of Monster Fish had a massive 2.45m wingspan and was tamed after a battle lasting 50 minutes.

 On inspection by scientists from Chulalongkorn University and Dr Zeb Hogan the massive Giant Freshwater Stingray was identified as being a large female and was found to be in the advanced stages of pregnancy.
As if on cue for the camera the freshwater stingray promptly gave birth to fully formed twins.

world record stingrayThe Giant Freshwater Stingray as with all other fish caught on the trip was tagged with an acoustic receiver and given a thorough scientific examination.

After a short period for recovery the Giant freshwater stingray was carefully released back into the Maeklong River where it swam away strongly with its offspring.

This would not be the last time the Fishsiam team would encounter this prehistoric looking Giant Freshwater stingray whilst fishing at the Maeklong River.

Whilst stingray fishing at the Maeklong River in Thailand exactly one month later with Zeb Hogan and a NHK Japan film crew, we hooked the same Giant freshwater stingray while fishing 1 km downstream.
On this occasion the Giant Freshwater stingray took almost three and a half hours to land testing the team to their absolute physical limit.

The freshwater stingray was easily identified by its individual identity tag placed on the previous fishing trip to the Maeklong River.


jeremy wade river monsters thailand


Fishsiam also guided for adventure angler Jeremy Wade to film the highly acclaimed River Monsters Death Ray show in Thailand at the Maeklong River.

On the Giant freshwater stingray fishing trip to the Mekong River system in Northern Thailand,  Chaophraya River and Maeklong River in Central Thailand, Jeremy Wade caught various Giant freshwater stingrays before hooking into the ultimate Thailand River Monster.


After an epic battle which saw Jeremy Wade pushed to his physical limits the adventure angler and fish biologist finally landed his own Thailand River Monster in the shape of a massive 200kg Giant Freshwater stingray.

river monsters book


On examination by scientists from Chulalongkorn University the Giant freshwater stingray gave birth to live newborns as the River Monsters film crew captured this amazing moment on film.

The full account of Jeremy Wades Giant freshwater stingray fishing trip in Thailand whilst guided by Fishsiam can be seen in series 2 of River Monsters on Discovery channel and ITV4 aptly titled Death Ray and also in his best selling book entitled River Monsters stories of the ones that never got away.

 If you would like to follow in the footsteps of Jeremy Wade, Zeb Hogan and Jakub Vagner fishing in Thailand for Giant freshwater stingrays contact us for more information.



 Giant freshwater stingray fishing in ThailandGiant freshwater stingray fishing in Thailand

Fishsiam has been Giant freshwater stingray fishing in Thailand for the last seven years at both the Maeklong River at Samut Songkran and the Ban Pakong River in Chachoengsao.
Fishing for freshwater stingrays in Thailand is one of the last truly wild frontiers of freshwater fishing in the world allowing visiting anglers the opportunity to fish for what has widely been accredited as the largest freshwater fish on Earth.
Join the Fishsiam team and follow in the footsteps of Jeremy Wade and Zeb Hogan in the pursuit of the prehistoric freshwater stingray fishing in the wild and beautiful tidal river systems of Thailand.
Our freshwater stingray fishing holidays in Thailand are the ultimate angling experience for anglers visiting the land of smiles in search of monster fish


 Giant Snakehead fishing in ThailandGiant Snakehead fishing in Thailand

The untamed and truly stunning freshwater dams in Thailand offer some of the best wild Giant Snakehead fishing in the world.
Fishing for Giant Snakehead in such stunning areas of great natural beauty as the world famous Khao Laem Dam or Srinakarin Dam in Kanchanburi province allows visiting anglers the chance to target the highly aggressive and predatory Giant Snakehead and other native predators such as Hampala Barb and Striped Snakehead in their natural environment.
Anglers visiting the dams which are often located in National Parks will be fishing against a backdrop of stunning flora and fauna with imposing lime stone peaks and an abundance of tropical wildlife.
Lure fishing in Thailand for Giant Snakehead is a truly wild and unique angling experience and should be included in any anglers Thailand fishing holiday itinerary.


Carp fishing in ThailandThailand carp fishing

Carp fishing and fishing is another must for anglers visiting Thailand and planning a fishing holiday.
The Giant Siamese Carp is the largest carp species in the world and has been recorded at weights in the excess of 100kg's in the wild.
The gigantic weights attained by these monster sized carp and epic battles which ensue when hooking one of these fish make them a highly attractive capture for visiting carp anglers.
With an increasing amount of lakes throughout the kingdom holding Giant Siamese Carp to possibly 100kg Thailand offers visiting carp anglers the chance to fish for what has been regularly described as the mother of all Carp.


Arapaima fishing in ThailandArapaima fishing Thailand

Our Arapaima fishing in Thailand holidays are one of our most popular packages catering for anglers wishing to target the largest scaled freshwater fish in the world.
We offer daily and weekly guided and unguided fishing holidays angling for these Amazon monster fish at a variety of lakes and ponds throughout Thailand, fishing with a variety of live bait, dead bait,  lure and fly fishing tactics.
Thailand boasts numerous fishing lakes and ponds which have been stocked with Arapaima to world record proportions just waiting for the visiting angler to Thailand.



Predator fishing in ThailandPredator fishing in Thailand

Predator fishing in Thailand offers a wide range of both native and imported species of monster fish with the opportunity for anglers to target various native monster fish species such as Giant Snakehead, Goonch Catfish and the Dog Eating Catfish Chaophraya Catfish or alternatively an increasingly growing number of other exotic Amazon species such as Arapaima, Sorubim, and Redtail Catfish.

We offer daily and weekly predator fishing holidays throughout Thailand fishing at various venues such as IT Lake Monster, Palm Tree Lagoon, Cha Am Fishing Park, Topcats, Dream Lake and a whole host of other stunning venues.



Mekong Catfish fishing in Thailand

All anglers on a fishing holiday in Thailand should consider fishing for the Mekong Catfish which is another contender forthe worlds largest freshwater fish.
The Mekong Catfish in Thailand attains huge weights to over 250kg in the wild and is present in various lakes throughout Thailand with weights to 150kg.
Fishing for the Mekong Catfish in Thailand is a must for any visiting angler wishing to battle hard fighting monster catfish.
With Mekong Catfish stocked into fishing lakes and ponds throughout Thailand such as Bungsamran, Palm Tree Lagoon and IT Lake Monster anglers have the opportunity to fish for possibly the largest catfish on Earth.


Thai Stingray research trip 2015 19/01/2015 - Thai Stingray research trip 2015
Tim Webb from Palm Tree Lagoon visits the Maeklong River fishing for wild Thai stingrays

Thailand Freshwater Stingray fishing 2015 15/01/2015 - Thailand Freshwater Stingray fishing 2015
German angler Henry catches 200kg Giant freshwater stingray fishing Maeklong River Thailand.

GMA TV Show Amazon BKK2 Thailand 09/01/2015 - GMA TV Show Amazon BKK2 Thailand
GMA TV join Fishsiam Arapaima fishing at Amazon BKK2 in Thailand.

Predator Fishing Cha Am Thailand 06/01/2015 - Predator Fishing Cha Am Thailand
Martin spends the second day of his Thailand fishing holiday predator fishing at Cha Am.

Cha Am Fishing Park fishing Mekong Catfish 05/01/2015 - Cha Am Fishing Park fishing Mekong Catfish
European angler Martin begins his Thailand fishing holiday with a trip to Cha Am fishing Park fishing for carp and catfish. logos

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