190 kg Giant Freshwater Stingray caught by River Monsters Jeremy Wade in Thailand...

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National Geographic explorer Zeb Hogan with a monster Arapaima caught in Thailand...

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190-200 kg Giant freshwater stingray caught at Ban Pakong River in Thailand...

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Anglers Mail's Ian Welch with an Arapaima estimated at 140 kg / 308 lb...

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Giant Freshwater Stingray, 160 kg / 352 lb... Personal Best Worldwide Fish!!

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Guided Fishing Holidays in Thailand with FishSiam

Carp fishing Thailand

FishSiam offer professional fishing holidays and guided  fishing packages in Thailand for Giant freshwater stingrays (GFS), Arapaima, Giant Mekong Catfish , Barramundi , Giant Siamese Carp , Giant Snakehead plus many more of the worlds largest freshwater fish.

Become one of a growing number of anglers who have captured some of the largest freshwater fish in Thailand ever caught on rod and line whilst participating in our Fishsiam specialist guided fishing holidays and guided fishing tours in Thailand.
Recently Fishsiam has been working in co-operation with the National Geographic Society and the Mega Fishes Project in the study of what is possibly the largest freshwater fish on the planet the Giant Freshwater stingray.

Fishsiam is a conservation minded guided fishing tours company which is also involved in the research of Giant Freshwater Stingray throughout the rivers in Thailand with scientists from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

The capture of Monster Fish by Fishsiam angling guides and clients in Thailand in recent years has been well documented in the International media.

Recently Fishsiam has appeared in several National Geographic channel television productions such as Hooked, Monster Fish of Thailand, Wild Chronicles, Top Ten Monster Fish and Monsters of the Deep in addition to the highly acclaimed River Monsters series with extreme angler Jeremy Wade for Animal Planet featuring Thailands awesome Giant freshwater stingrays.

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  Fishing Holidays in Thailand & Guided Fishing Packages

Giant Freshwater Stingray Fishing in Thailand Arapaima Gigas Fishing Package Giant Siamese Carp Fishing Package Giant Mekong Catfish Package
Giant Freshwater Stingray Fishing in Thailand Arapaima Fishing in Thailand Siamese Carp Fishing in Thailand Mekong Catfish Fishing in Thailand
Specialist fishing expeditions on the mighty Ban Pakong River in search of Giant Freshwater Stingray. Fishing for predatory species at IT Monster Lake in Ratchaburi. Fishing for Giant siamese carp and Mekong Catfish at Bungsamlan Lake in Bangkok. Fishing for Mekong Catfish in Thailand at Bungsamlan Lake Bangkok.

Latest Fishing in Thailand News & Catch Reports

National Geographic channels Top Ten Monster Fish

National Geographic Channel's program, "Top 10 Monster Fish" airs in the U.S.A. at 7pm and again at 10pm on Monday July 27th on the National Geographic Channel where many of FishSiam's captures of Giant freshwater stingrays will be shown.

River Monsters Discovery Animal Planet.

River Monsters Death Ray show with Jeremy Wade premiers on Discovery Animal Planet in the US and is screened on ITV1 and ITV4 in the UK.

River Monsters the book is now on general release worldwide and destined to be one of the all time greatest angling reads. Check Fishsiam out in the chapter entitled Death Ray

Man vs. Monster Natioanl Geographic channel coming soon!

Fishsiam's latest Television appearance on National Geographic will be airing in the coming months on NGC called Man vs.Monster a wildlife themed documentary hosted by adventurer Richard Terry as he goes in search of a dangerous river  monster thought to be responsible for a series of attacks in the wild river systems of Thailand and South East Asia.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters Thailand.


Jeremy Wade River Monsters

 Extreme angler and fish biologist Jeremy Wade joins the Fishsiam team in Thailand to film the award winning series River Monsters for Discovery Animal Planet channel.

Jeremy Wade extreme angler and fish biologist visits the mighty Mekong River, the Chaophraya River and the Maeklong River with Fishsiam in his continued quest for the world’s largest freshwater fish.

Extreme angler Jeremy Wade battles the ultimate River Monster in the shape of the awesome Giant freshwater stingray in an epic battle spanning hours testing his angling abilities to the absoloute limit before finally landing the ultimate River Monster.

On examination at the riverside and assisted by veterinary scientists from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok Jeremy Wade witnesses the miraculous birth of two newborn Giant Freshwater stingrays!River Monsters Thailand

The full account of Jeremy Wades amazing guided Giant freshwater stingray fishing trip in Thailand with Fishsiam can be seen in the episode entitled Death Ray in series two of River Monsters on Discovery Animal Planet.

Read about Extreme angler Jeremy Wade's guided angling trip with Fishsiam fishing for Giant freshwater stingrays in his most eagerly awaitied book entitled River Monsters which is on release currently in the USA, UK and throughout Europe.

River Monsters with Jeremy Wade in Thailand
Read More

Watch the video of Jeremy Wade's amazing Giant freshwater stingray capture during the filming of River Monsters here



Monster Chaophraya Catfish is landed by French angler Gerard Parruite at Palm Tree Lagoon in Thailand

Legendary French angler Gerard Parruite joined the Fishsiam team for a marathon twenty three day guided fishingChaophraya Catfish Fishing Thailand holiday which saw him fishing for carp and catfish at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok, lure fishing for predators at Pilot ponds ,predator angling at IT Lake Monsters and fishing for both carp and predatory monster fish at Palm Tree Lagoon.

After enjoying success at each venue that he visited at the first part of his holiday,Gerard arrived at Palm Tree Lagoon for a three day fishing trip. During the course of his highly productive fishing session at Palm Tree Lagoon, Gerard landed various monster fish species including Giant Siamese Carp, Arapaima and many more weird and wonderful freshwater monster fish.

On the final day of his guided angling holiday at Palm Tree Lagoon Gerards float fished livebait as picked up by a truly monstrous predator. After an epic arm aching battle the French angler finally netted a collossal Chaophraya Catfish which was estimated by Tim Webb the owner of Palm Tree Lagoon to weigh in the excess of 50kg's.

The monster Chaophraya Catfish unfortunately was not weighed but left all who witnessed it that it as certainly over the current IGFA record. After a few quick trophy shots the monster Chaophraya Catfish was released back into the lake.

Man vs. Monster National Geographic Channel in Thailand

 May 2012 saw the Fishsiam team engaged in guiding for another National Geographic show due to be screened in theMan vs. Monster Thailand following months on National Geographic channel called Man vs. Monster.

Man vs. Monster the highly successful National Geographic show now in its second season on NGC sees entrepid international adventurer Richard Terry visiting Thailand in an attempt to unravel several mysterious attacks by an unknown River Monster in the wild river systems of South East Asia.

To see the conclusion of Richard Terry's amazing wild life investigation in Man vs. Monster and the various river monsters that he encounters along the way whilst guided by the Fishsiam team, watch Man vs. Monster on National Geographic channel.

Snakehead fishing at Mae Ngat Dam in Thailand produces monster 7.2kg Giant Snakehead.

 Austrian angler Andreas visited the Mae Ngat Dam in thepicturesque Sri Lanna National Park in Chiang Mai NorthernGiant Snakehead Fishing Thailand Thailand on a Snakehead guided angling trip.

After previously capturing a monster Giant freshwater stingray which gave birth whilst fishing at the Maeklong River the angler headed up country to the northern province of Chiang Mai.

An early start saw the Austrian angler boarding a traditional longtail boat before slowly beginning to explore the lake in search of monster Giant Snakehead.

Fishing with a variety of lures the Austrian angler carefully cast into likely looking holding areas in an attempt to induce a strike from the highly territorial Giant Snakehead which lurk in the nearby submerged trees.

After several perfect casts the lure was violently attacked by a large predatory snakehead which aggressively shook its head in an attempt to free itself from the artificial lure.

A short dogged battle ensued which saw the fish diving deeply towards nearby submerged trees.
Clamping down on the spool soon turned the Giant Snakehead away from the danger area where it continued to thrash around wildly to free itself from the lure.
After a few fraught moments in the final stages of the fight the fish was quickly brought alongside the boat before being gloved by the guide.

The magnificent Giant Snakehead was weighed at a weight of 7.2kg’s before being released after a few trophy shots. Making a perfect end to Andreas' guided angling holiday.

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Latest Thailand Arapaima captures from the Arapaima fishing pond in Cha Am Fishing Park

Fishsiam has recently added another new venue to our rapidly expanding portfolio of predator angling locations inArapaima Fishing Cha Am Thailand Thailand in the shape of the Arapaima pond near Cha Am and Hua Hin.

This new predator angling venue is situated approximately two and a half to three hours from Bangkok and offers predator angling enthusiasts visiting Cha Am the opportunity to fish for large Arapaima reaching lengths of two metres and weighing over the magical 100kg's.

The Arapaima pond near Cha Am covers an area of three to four acres and has recenty been stocked with a good head of hard fighting Arapaima.

Recent exploratory angling trips by the Fishsiam team to Cha Am have yielded several large Arapaima to an estimated 100kg's in addition to plenty of medium sized specimens and other freshwater predatory species.

Arapaima fishing Thailand


German angler and Thailand angling veteran Uwe and friends recently visited the Arapaima pond near Cha Am for a two day session which yielded a large haul of Arapaima topped by two beautiful specimens which both topped 100kg's.

 Contact us to book your guided angling trip to the new Cha Am Arapaima Fishing Pond.


Thailand Fishing for Arapaima or Pirarucu in Bangkok with TBS Japan.

Another visit to Thailand saw TBS celebrity comedian Kawata San and two colleagues from Japan join the Fishsiam team angling at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok for its legendary Pirarucu or Arapaima.

After successfully landing a massive sixty fish haul of Mekong Catfish, Striped Catfish and Giant Siamese Carp to 54 kg’s in a two day session at Bungsamran in Bangkok, the anglers decided to target the lakes monster world record sized Pirarucu or Arapaima.Arapaima, Pirarucu fishing in Thailand

The Japanese comedy trio were soon tackling up with long flouro hooklinks and mounting large Mackerel fillets onto Owner Hooks.

With several large Arapaima or Pirarucu regularily surfacing in a quiet corner of the lake the anglers quietly lobbed out their mackerel hookbaits as directed by the guides.

A series of large bubbles was clearly observed in the vicinity of the hookbaits, as line was ripped from the spool of one of the reels. Kawata San wound down hard into the unseen predator causing a massive armoured body to explode through the water as a very large Pirarucu charged off with the bait.

After an epic ten minute battle which saw the predator hurling itself out of the water on several occasions, Japanese angler Kawata finally landed the fish of his dreams, a monstrous Amazonian Arapaima or Pirarucu estimated to weigh 160-180kg’s!

The Arapaima was cradled by both anglers and three Fishsiam guides as it was displayed for the camera crew.

The full capture and release of the monster Arapaima and other footage from the guided angling trip from Bungsamran Fishing Park in Bangkok was aired on the TBS channel in Japan.

Arapaima fishing in Thailand
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 Zeb Hogan Giant freshwater stingray expeditions in Thailand


Zeb Hogan, Giant Freshwater Stingray fishing ThailandFishsiam Ltd is proud to announce an exciting series of Thailand stingray research expeditions for the coming year in search of Giant freshwater stingray in association with emerging National Geographic explorer Dr.Zeb Hogan and expert veterinary scientists from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

Conservation minded anglers will be given the unique opportunity to fish alongside Dr.Zeb Hogan during field trips to various locations in search of Giant freshwater stingray.

Megafishes project Director Dr.Zeb Hogan will be working alongside Associate Professor Dr.Nantaika Chansue with her expert team of aquatic veterinary scientists from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok in an attempt to mount the world’s first comprehensive study of the awesome Himantura Chaophraya/Giant freshwater stingray.

The forthcoming guided stingray research expeditions which have official approval from the Department of Fisheries in Thailand will see conservation minded anglers angling at various locations throughout Thailand in search of the mythical Giant freshwater stingray.
With our expert team of Thai fishing guides anglers will be pushed to their absoloute physical limits in pursuit of what has been described as possibly the largest freshwater fish in the world whilst also contributing to science in their quest to catch the ultimate River Monster.

Watch the National Geographic Wild Chronicles video of the Giant freshwater stingray birth with Zeb Hogan here


The World's Largest freshwater fish is captured again in Thailand?

Worlds largest freshwater fish Another expedition to the Maeklong River accompanied by Hirosumi Yamaguchi from Japan's premier television station NHK saw the Fishsiam team involved in another documentary concerning Giant freshwater stingrays in Thailand.

During a one week guided stingray angling expedition the team landed eight individual Giant Freshwater stingray's with all stingrays caught by the team acoustically tagged by National Geographic explorer Dr.Zeb Hogan and Dr.Nantaika Chansue from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

The stingray angling expedition was highly productive and provided a wealth of scientific data concerning Giant freshwater stingray's.

On the date of 28/02/09 the Fishsiam team whilst filming with NHK landed a massive Giant Freshwater stingray from the Maeklong River in after an epic four hour battle.

A closer inspection of the prehistoric fish saw the Giant Freshwater stingray being identified as the same Monster Fish that Dr.Ian Welch captured exactly one month before at a record breaking estimated weight of 350kg's on one of our guided angling trips with Nat Geo.

The fish was identified by an external tag previously fitted by Dr.Zeb Hogan one month earlier on another stingray angling trip and was released soon after capture due to the fish clearly showing signs of pregnancy.

National Geographic & MegaFishes Project join FishSiam to Study Giant Freshwater Stingrays in ThailandGiant Freshwater Stingray gives birth in anglers hands


 The FishSiam Team has been engaged in some highly adventurous and pioneering angling on two of Thailand's wildest and unexplored tidal rivers. In a short six year period the FishSiam Team has accounted for almost 400 individual Giant Freshwater Stingray (Himantura Chaophraya) captures with massive weights to an estimated 350 kg / 770 lb. These groundbreaking captures have attracted worldwide media interest and have seen the Fishsiam Team engaged in research with various agencies such as the MegaFishes Project and the National Geographic Society concerning monster fish species.

The Fishsiam Team was recently joined by Stefan Lovgren and Dr.Zeb Hogan from the National Geographic news team on a guided trip at the Ban Pakong River in Thailand. Whilst filming at the Ban Pakong River the team caught a large female Giant Freshwater Stingray which was observed to be heavily pregnant. While being held at the rivers edge the prehistoric predatory giant gave birth to a live newborn measuring a mere 34cm. This ground breaking capture is the first documented example of a Giant Freshwater Stingray birth in its wild and natural enviroment and a good sign for this highly understudied and obscure species. The mother and infant were safely released together after Dr.Zeb Hogan recorded measurements and made a short scientific examination.

The amazing birth of the Giant freshwater stingrays and other footage from the guided Stingray angling trip can be seen on Wild Chronicles showing on National Geographic Wild Channel.

Watch the video of the amazing Giant freshwater stingray birth at the Ban Pakong River with Zeb Hogan here.

Ian Welch and the Fishsiam Thailand team land the largest freshwater fish ever caiught on rod and line!

Anglers Mail journalist and fish biologist Ian Welch recently joined the Fishsiam team in Thailand to assist in the filming of a documentary with National Geographic Channel featuring Giant Freshwater Stingray.


The Fishsiam team were also joined by eminent fish biologist and National Geographic Explorer Dr.Zeb Hogan inWorld record Stingray caught in Thailand, Ian Welch addition to a National Geographic film crew for the guided angling expedition.

 Soon after his arrival Ian would witness a truly enormous Giant freshwater stingray being caught whilst fishing at the Ban Pakong River of over 180kg’s. After witnessing such a colossal fish Ian would not have dreamed of events that would take place the following day.

An early morning start saw Ian and the team traveling to the Maeklong River in Samut Songkran province. The team fished for the stingrays extremely hard throughout the day catching three Giant Freshwater Stingray with weights of 40kg, 45kg and 65kg’s from various areas of the river. All fish that were caught were examined by Dr.Zeb Hogan and a top Thai veterinary surgeon with accurate measurements and weights being recorded in addition to the attachment of numeric tags externally to the prehistoric fish.

With still a few hours of fishing time left Ian returned to the river in search of more Giant Freshwater Stingray. Later in the afternoon Ian would go on to hook a much larger fish that would require every ounce of his strength and angling ability.

 After a epic ninety minute battle a Giant Freshwater Stingray was finally brought alongside the boat. The enormous leviathan with a width of over 2 metres was safely secured before being brought back to the waiting scientists at the riverside. The fish was observed to be heavily pregnant and it was decided not to attempt to weigh the Monster fish.

After a thorough scientific examination by Dr.Zeb Hogan and the visiting Thai veterinary surgeon the fish was released back into the river.

Giant Stingray research ThailandScientists present at the capture have estimated the Giant freshwater Stingray to weigh an incredible 265-350kg’s making it the largest freshwater fish ever landed on rod and line!

During the guided angling tour at the Maeklong River with Dr.Zeb Hogan and the National Geographic production crew the Fishsiam team successfully captured and released sixteen different Giant freshwater stingrays.

The Fishsiam team is now engaged in a two year research project concerning Giant freshwater Stingray populations in several Thai rivers and is working closely with Dr.Zeb Hogan and Thai scientists in an effort to gain a greater understanding of this prehistoric predatory fish.


The results of the guided stingray angling expedition with National Geographic can be seen on Hooked! Monster Fish of Thailand which premiers on NGC on the 6th of July 2009.

Read the Anglers Mail Thailand fishing article.

Monster Giant Siamese Carp captured by Geoff Maynard during his angling holidays in Bangkok

Geoff Maynard from Fishingmagic in the UK joined theCarp fishing Thailand Fishsiam team in Thailand for a short three day guided fishing holiday combining a spot of fly angling with some carp and catfish fishing. Geoff's guided fly fishing trip began with a visit to Pilot 111 fishing ponds near Bangkok.

After successfully landing various monster freshwater species at Pilot 111 fishing ponds whilst fly fishing, which included Giant Snakehead, Featherback, Barramundi and Pacu, Geoff set his sights on some of the larger native monster fish species and decided to move onto the highly prolific Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok, the capitals premier carp and catfish angling venue as his holidays continued.

The second day of Geoff's guided freshwater angling holiday  saw him angling for Mekong Catfish at Bungsamran Lake with sliding float set ups where he landed a succession of Mekong Catfish upto 35kg's.

The third and final day of the UK angling correspondants guided angling holidays saw him once again angling a short day session at the highly prolific Bungsamran, this time with carp fishing techniques.

Geoff Maynard, Mekong Catfish fishing ThailandGeoff fished over a large bed of groundbait in a marginal area on the public bank offering large balls of groundbait moulded onto a big cage feeder.     

Geoff's day of guided carp angling at Bungsamran Lake was soon off to a good start seeing him land several good sized Mekong and Striped Catfish before he finally landed his primary target in the shape of a 30kg Giant Siamese Carp.

Later in the afternoon Geoff hooked into a very large fish which powered off across the lake, after playing the carp for a considerable length of time he finally slipped the net under a stunning Giant Siamese Carp of an estimated 45kg's.

 The highly productive days guided carp angling in Bangkok was finished off by several extremely powerful Mekong Catfish which continually homed in on the baited area which were topped by a gigantic Mekong Catfish estimated to weigh almost 60kg's.

The full report of Geoff's hectic three day guided angling holiday can be seen on fishingmagic.com in addition to fishandfly.com where he describes his amazing guided angling holidays in his own words.

Ian Welch captures a gigantic Arapaima whilst angling at IT Lake Monsters in Thailand

Ian Welch captures gigantic Arapaima, fishing at IT Lake Monsters Visiting angling journalist Ian Welch from the Anglers mail joined the Fishsiam team for a guided holiday in Thailand at IT Monster Predator Lake in Ratchaburi. Ian bagged numerous predatory species whilst angling at this highly prolific water. Ian’s haul included Redtail catfish, Alligator gar, Sorubim and various other hungry predators.

After a brief trip to the local clinic due to a small injury caused by a lively Sorubim Ian once again began fishing. With the light beginning to fade Ian received a savage take to a rod fished in the nearby margins with a mackerel fillet. This would herald the start of a gruelling thirty minute battle with a 2.3m Arapaima gigas continually trying to shake itself free of the hook!

Some thirty minutes after hooking the Amazonian giant the fish was expertly netted by Boy and Jeab. The fish had an extremely large girth and required five anglers to hold the spectacular creature for photography. The fish was estimated to weigh 140kg+ and was measured at a length of 2.3 metres. The entire capture was caught on video which will be appearing in our video section shortly in addition to several other Thailand fishing videos from Welchy's fantastic guided angling holidays.

Read the Anglers Mail Arapaima angling report.

Watch the video of Ian Welch's monster Arapaima caught whilst predator angling at IT Lake Monsters

Thai Stingray research trip 2015 19/01/2015 - Thai Stingray research trip 2015
Tim Webb from Palm Tree Lagoon visits the Maeklong River fishing for wild Thai stingrays

Giant Stingray Fishing Mae Klong River Japanese TV 03/11/2014 - Giant Stingray Fishing Mae Klong River Japanese TV
Fishsiam works on yet another Japanese TV show at the Maeklong River and lands several monster stingrays whilst fishing at the Maeklong River in Thailand.

Arapaima Fishing Thailand IT Lake Ratchaburi 19/10/2014 - Arapaima Fishing Thailand IT Lake Ratchaburi
The second day of Gavins Thailand fishing trip to IT Lake Monsters sees him landing a stunning Arapaima and several other new native predatory species.

Predator fishing Thailand Lake Monster 18/10/2014 - Predator fishing Thailand Lake Monster
UK angler Gavin continues his Thailand fishing holiday fishing at IT Lake Monster bagging lots of predators.

Predator fishing Cha Am fishing Park 16/10/2014 - Predator fishing Cha Am fishing Park
UK angler Gavin continues his Thailand fishing holiday at Cha Am landing a lovely Arapaima and various other Amazon predators.


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