190 kg Giant Freshwater Stingray caught by River Monsters Jeremy Wade in Thailand...

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National Geographic explorer Zeb Hogan with a monster Arapaima caught in Thailand...

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190-200 kg Giant freshwater stingray caught at Ban Pakong River in Thailand...

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Anglers Mail's Ian Welch with an Arapaima estimated at 140 kg / 308 lb...

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Giant Freshwater Stingray, 160 kg / 352 lb... Personal Best Worldwide Fish!!

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Snakehead Fishing Sirikit Dam

Lure Fishing for Snakeheads at Sirikit Dam, Northern Thailand Anglers wishing to lure fish for Giant Snakehead and other native predatory species at Sirikit Dam near Uttaradit in Northern Thailand will be picked up from Chiang Mai airport or a local hotel and transported to Sirikit Dam (3 hours) by air conditioned vehicle through some of the most stunning scenery in Northern Thailand.

Sirikit Dam is a natural reservoir created by the damming of the River Nan by the gigantic hydro-electric Sirikit Dam and is a place of great natural beauty.

Sirikit Dam covers an area of 250 square km's and is surrounded by lush green jungles, dense teak forests and mountainous peaks.

Day 1:

On arrival at the lake anglers dine on a light lunch before commencing fishing at 1.30pm.

Anglers fishing at Sirikit Dam will be equipped with all necessary equipment to successfully target the various native predatory fish present in its depths-Spinning Rod, Reel, leaders and lures.

Anglers will have the exclusive use of a traditional Thai fishing boat and will be accompanied by a Fishsiam guide and local boatman.

Drawing from the wealth of local experience that your guide and boatman possess anglers will be transported to various bays, sunken forests and other potential holding areas to carefully cast their lures into submerged trees and vegetation in attempt to induce a strike from one of Thailand’s most fearsome and aggressive predatory fish, the Giant Snakehead.

After fishing until dusk the angler(s) will be transported back to floating fishing bungalows stationed on the banks of the lake for dinner and basic overnight accommodation.

Day 2:

Anglers will commence fishing at 5.30-6.00a.m. with your Fishsiam guide and local boatman and explore the reservoir. Anglers will fish until 11.00a.m. Before returning to the floting raft around noon for a light lunch. Fishing will resume again from 2.30-3.00p.m throughout the afternoon until dusk.

Return to the raft for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3:

Sirirkit Dam Northern ThailandFishing will start 5.30-6.00a.m with your Fishsiam guide and local boatman continuing to explore the reservoir. Anglers will fish until 11.00a.m. Before returning to the floating raft around noon for a light lunch. After taking a few hours rest anglers will be picked up by an air conditioned vehicle at 3.00p.m. heading back to Chiang Mai.

Sirikit Dam responds well to various techniques including lure fishing, bait casting and fly fishing tactics and is suited to experienced lure fishermen with a sense of adventure and love of nature.

It is advised that anglers wear long sleeve shirts and caps to allow some protection from the sun and bring wet weather clothing during the wet season (June-October).

Our team of highly experienced guides and boatmen have excellent local knowledge giving the angler the highest possibility of success.

With the wild and vast nature of the venue and the constantly changing fishing conditions it is recomended that you contact us with regards to the best times to visit this venue.

Tours are exclusive for max. 2 anglers per trip, booking has to be completed 1 month in advance.


Make your booking or enquire for further details.

Latest Fishing Catch Reports from Sirikit Dam Thailand

9 10 2011

Giant Snakehead Fishing Sirikit Dam Giant Snakehead Fishing Sirikit Dam
Canadian angler Greg embarks on a three day Snakehead fishing Safari at Sirikit Dam in Northern Thailand.


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