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About Us – Fishing in Thailand with Fishsiam

Our History

Fishsiam is an Anglo-Thai company which was established in 2008 after six years of extensive freshwater fishing in Thailand which saw us fishing for some of the largest freshwater species of fish on the planet.
From our humble beginnings angling at the Old Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok for giant Mekong Catfish and Giant Siamese Carp our sense of adventure led us in a quest which took us all over Thailand in search of the world’s largest freshwater fish!

Our angling adventures found us fishing at distant natural dams and reservoirs deep in the jungles of central Thailand in search of Giant Snakehead, hunting the elusive armoured Arapaima which have grown to Goliath proportions and fishing the wild and unexplored tidal rivers of Thailand for what has widely been described as the largest freshwater fish on Earth the Giant freshwater stingray.

Our quest for monster fish continues even to this day in search of the next angling adventure.

Our achievements

During the course of the last decade Fishsiam has collaborated with various TV and other media to highlight the amazing freshwater fishing that Thailand has to offer.
With appearances in numerous angling publications such as IGFA, Angling Times, Anglers Mail, Blinker and many more, we have contributed various articles and photography concerning fishing in Thailand.

Fishsiam has also assisted in various angling and wildlife related television programmes with our captures of Giant freshwater stingrays, Arapaima and Mekong Catfish.
Most notably we appeared in River Monsters with Jeremy Wade fishing at the Maeklong River in addition to Monster Fish with Dr. Zeb Hogan for National Geographic channel.
We have also assisted in other famous TV shows such as Animal Planets Chasing Monsters hosted by Cyril Chauquet and Big Fish Man with Jakub Vagner.

One of our proudest achievements was our participation in Giant freshwater stingray research in Thailand, where we collaborated with VRMC Chulalongkorn University under the direction of Dr. N. Chansue in a Department of Fisheries sanctioned study of freshwater stingrays in several Thai tidal rivers. The project which spanned several years also involved Dr Zeb Hogan and the National Geographic Society and saw us catching stingrays for scientific study and tagging program.

Mission statement

It is our aim to continue promoting the amazing freshwater fishing that Thailand has to offer and showcase the rich heritage and culture that the country is famous for.
It is our intention to continue our exploration of exciting new angling destinations providing the ultimate in guided fishing holidays in Thailand for the visiting angler with the best Thai Guides.

Tight lines,

The Fishsiam Team.

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