160 Kg Arapaima or Pirarucu caught fishing in Bangkok Thailand – 05 05 2007

German angler Heiko visited the famous Bungsamran Lake accompanied by Boy. Heiko fished a prebaited marginal area in a quiet part of the lake with deadbait tactics in an attempt to catch one of the lakes new stocking of large Arapaimas. With an extremely large specimen regularly surfacing in the swim it wasnt long before the angler hooked into an extremely angry Amazonian predator. The angler fought the mighty beast for fifteen minutes with the fish reaching the snags on one occasion requiring local angler Mut to enter the lake and free the giant fish from the structure of a nearby bungalow! Finally after a few more hairy moments the monstrous fish was netted. The fish was brought into shallower water where photographs and measurements were taken. The anglers were also aided by local expert Jun in the netting and photographing of the fish which was estimated to weigh in the region of 160kgs


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