The second day of Polish angler Piotr’s fishing in Thailand holiday saw him fishing at Palm Tree Lagoon with two friends.
The day started slowly with a few Striped Catfish and Yellow Catfish caught in the morning.
As the day progressed the predator rods started to produce some decent sized Redtail Catfish ranging between 30-40 kg’s.
A high speed take on one of the carp rods saw one of the anglers attached to a Big Y Catfish which tore off on a circuit of the lake.
Fifteen minutes later the fish was finally landed and was estimated to weigh 45kg’s.
After a quiet spell one of the carp rods burst into action, this time with a much bigger fish on the end of the line.
What followed can only be described as an epic battle which lasted over two hours. All three of the anglers took turns to battle the unseen monster catfish which stayed deep and unseen for most of the battle.
In the final moments of the battle the giant Mekong Catfish breached the surface on several occasions before being finally netted by the guides.
The big Mekong Catfish was brought to shallow water and allowed a period for recovery before being held aloft for the camera.
This particular giant Mekong catfish was by no means a stranger to the bank, having previously been landed no less than four times in a period of ten days prior to this capture.
With the Mekong Catfish having recently been weighed at a shade over 350lb the fish was quickly returned after a series of trophy shots and celebrations commenced!

350lb Mekong Catfish


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