60 kg Freshwater Stingray fishing Ban Pakong Thailand – 17 01 2009

On day one of a two week Giant freshwater stingray fishing expedition the Fishsiam team began fishing on the Ban Pakong River In Thailand.
With the river carrying a large amount of floating vegetation rods were placed at various positions at mid stream.
Fishing with extremely heavy wire hooklengths the baits were anchored to the bottom using 1kg custom built weights.
The Fishsiam team were joined by old friend Calvin Tan in addition to two associates from Singapore.
Water conditions hampered fishing tremendously with floating rafts of vegetation fouling the bow taught lines continually.
The rods were retrieved and repositioned regularily in an attempt to avoid the floating debris.
After having to yet again retrieve the rods a break in the barrage of debris appeared. Quickly the rods were once again put in position in readiness for the incoming tide.
A short time later the sound of a clicking clutch was heard as a Giant freshwater stingray picked up the legered deadbait two hundred yards away.
After setting the hook it was decided to let Calvin’s friend Andy do battle with the unseen monster!
After taking to the boat the angler slowly wound down on the fish bringing the boat closer and closer to the fish.
On arrival in the immediate area of the stingray some 200 yards away the rod arched down towards the surface of the water as the angler felt the full force of the prehistoric predator!
An epic battle followed which saw the angler desperately trying to prise the Giant freshwater stingray from the riverbed for the next thirty minutes.
After moving the unseen stingray on several occasions the fish finally was brought off of the bottom where it continued on a series of powerful surges.
Almost forty minutes after initially hooking the Giant freshwater stingray it was finally brought alongside the boat where a stringer was tied securing the fish.
The stingray was quickly transported to shallower water where photographs were taken and measurements recorded.
The Giant freshwater stingray was observed to be a female and had a width of 1.1m.
The stingray had a bloated back section and was possibly pregnant and was promptly released after capture without being weighed.
The Giant freshwater stingray was estimated to weigh 55-60kg’s.
The rest of the day saw a return of the floating rafts of weed which continually affected the presentation of baits in the middle reaches of the river.


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