60 Kg Giant Siamese Carp from Bungsamlan Lake in Thailand – 29 11 2005

Rick and Boy visited Bungsamlan Lake for an early morning session in the hope of tempting a Giant Siamese Carp. Fishing a marginal spot on the public bank that had been prebaited with 120 kilo?s of groundbait over the previous few days Rick landed a string of small Striped Catfish and Mekong?s before finally hooking his intended species.
An epic battle ensued with the giant carp powering off into the lake and stretching the angler to his limit! The battle continued for almost forty adrenaline filled minutes and saw the massive carp reach the snags on various occasions. At one stage of the battle the fish charged straight under the public jetty heading out into the main lake! The quick thinking Boy immediately ordered Rick to open the bail arm in an attempt to decrease the massive amount of pressure being placed on the braided mainline! With braid quickly disappearing from the reel Boy quickly retrieved one of the other rods and then snared the mainline as it exited the jetty on the other side, after paying off a few more yards of the mainline Boy proceeded to cut the braid before retying it to the other rod reconnecting the angler to the gigantic carp! Some forty minutes after first picking up the H.B.S popped up hookbait the carp was finally netted. Weighing of the fish was impossible due to the fact that only 60kg scales were available on site which the fish bottomed out easily! An estimated weight of 64kg?s was placed on the giant carp


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