Amazon Fishing IT Monster – 04 12 2012

US Angler Talisha and her partner decided to combine some predator fishing in their Thailand fishing holiday whilst in Bangkok with a visit to IT Lake Monsters.

After arriving at IT Lake Monsters the anglers were soon casting lures at the many predators topping out in the predator fishing lake.

With several aborted strikes which occurred almost instantly the angler persevered with the lure fishing for almost half an hour before finally hooking up with one of the lakes many predators.

With the light weight spin fishing outfit bent into full battle curve the angler found herself connected to a lively Pacu which leapt out of the water on several high octanes jumps for freedom.

After a short but lively battle the Pacu was quickly unhooked in the water and released back into the fishing lake.

Further casts saw both anglers accounting for further Pacu and Alligator Gar in addition to a spirited encounter with an Asian Redtail Catfish.

As the morning drew to a close and the anglers changed over to deadbait tactics sport began to increase with both angler sharing simultaneous takes from Redtail Catfish with weights between 10-20kg’s.

Lightly baiting several small marginal areas saw the predators continue to visit the bank with a succession of hungry predators being landed consisting mainly of Redtail Catfish with the odd spotted sorubim thrown in for good measure.

As the days angling progressed the anglers managed to hook a smallish Arapaima of around 30kg’s which proceed to charge off on a series of turbo charged runs around the fishing lake.

After a spirited 10 minute battle the Arapaima was carefully placed in the recovery cradle to recouperate after the battle.

The Arapaima was estimated to weigh 30kg and was released after a few quick photographs.

With the days predator fishing at IT Lake Monsters coming to an end the anglers had succeeded in amassing a joint capture of over twenty fish consisting of Arapaima, Redtail Catfish, Asian Redtail Catfish , Pacu and Alligator Gar.


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