Amazon predator fishing IT Lake Thailand – 29 10 2008

Visiting specialist anglers Ian and Patrick from the UK travelled on a fishing holiday to Thailand and IT Lake monsters in search of predators.
The anglers were accompanied by Boy to the highly prolific predator fishing venue.
On arrival the anglers fished with pencil,popper and diving lures in the morning catching several decent sized Alligator Gar and Asian Redtail Catfish.
After changing over to deadbaits in the afternoon the anglers caught several specimen Redtail Catfish with weights to 30kg’s.
Continually baiting several different areas of the lake the anglers also tempted Spotted Sorubim to 20kg’s in addition to a few ravenous Amazonian Pacu to 8kg’s and Sharptooth Catfish to 7kg+.
The anglers finished the day with a total of thirty fish which were caught on a combination of various lures and deadbait/livebait presentations offered by the anglers throughout the day.

Amazon predator fishing IT Lake Thailand


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