Austrian fishing Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok – 14 01 2009

Day two of a two day fishing session at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok for Thomas Ritzinger from Austria saw the angler once again fishing on the public area.
Thomas offered large balls of locally produced groundbait packed onto 4oz Fox Method feeders with short braided hooklinks and Owner hooks.
The Austrian angler fished close to the nearby wooden structure to a previously prebaited marginal area.
The Austrian angler did not have long to wait before his buoyant hookbait was picked up by a fish.
After setting the hook the fish kited on a tight line towards the nearby snags requiring the angler to apply a large amount of side strain.
With the fish safely turned away from the snags the fight was played out in the relative safety of open water.
A few moments later a Striped Catfish was safely netted and was estimated to weigh 10kg’s.
For the following few hours the Austrian angler experienced hectic sport catching a series of Striped Catfish with weights ranging between 8-12kg’s.
In addition Thomas landed several Mekong Catfish during his eight hour fishing session with weights to an estimated 20kg’s.
At the end of the days fishing Thomas had caught a fifteen fish haul comprising of Striped Catfish with weights to 12kg’s in addition to five Mekong Catfish to 20kg’s.


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