Ban Aor TV Stingray fishing show Maeklong River – 24 07 2014

The Ban Aor team from Thai TV returned to the Maeklong River fishing for Giant freshwater stingrays.
After previously landing several good stingrays in the last TV show the anglers set their targets slightly higher this time.

The first days stingray fishing saw the Ban Aor TV guys landing three different Giant freshwater stingrays ranging in weight between 20-40kgs.

The second day saw the television crew once again fishing at the Maeklong River in the hope of latching into a real River Monster.
The first stingray landed was another relatively small fish weighing possibly 50kg.

The second take was from a much larger stingray which proceeded to tow the boat and anglers behind it for several yards.
An epic battle followed which saw the anglers taking turns to fight the battle.

After almost an hour the Giant freshwater stingray was eventually brought over the net.

In the course of two days the anglers had landed five different stingrays with the best being a monster sized Giant freshwater stingray of 2m’s in width.
The Giant freshwater stingray was estimated to be in the excess of 200kg and was quickly released after being filmed by the production crew.

Ban Aor TV Stingray fishing show Maeklong River


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