Bangkok Lure Fishing 2015 – 28 03 2015

Henry from the US continued his Thailand fishing holiday with a lure fishing trip to Pilot 111 fishing ponds on the outskirts of Bangkok.
On arrival Henry began lure fishing on one of the Giant Snakehead fishing ponds.
Carefully casting lures to a quiet corner of the pond soon aroused some interest from the Giant Snakehead as one aggressively slammed into the anglers lure.
With the rod bent into full compression the Giant Snakehead breached the surface before exiting the swim.
The Giant Snakehead was subdued after a short battle and quickly netted by the fishing guide.
Further casts resulted in more giant Snakehead ranging between 1.5-2.5kg’s.
After a short trip to the restaurant at midday the angler returned to the Snakehead fishing ponds and landed several more Giant Snakeheads.
With lots of Snakeheads already landed the angler then turned his attention to the adjacent Barramundi ponds.
In the last few hours of fishing time, Henry landed lots of small Barramundi with weights ranging between 2-4kg’s.

Bangkok Lure Fishing 2015


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