Barramundi fishing holiday Thailand – 05 01 2011

Adrian Armato from Indonesia started his fishing holiday Barramundi fishing in Thailand.
On arrival at the Barramundi ponds the young Indonesian angler quickly got into the swing of things and began casting artificial lures out into the ponds.
Using various Cultiva artificial lures made by Owner the young angler immediately began to experience hits from the predatory Barramundi as hordes of hungry Barramundi aggressively slammed into the anglers lures.
Adrian slowly moved between the various fishing ponds and caught Barramundi from each pond as he repeatedly cast lures amongst the hungry predators.
As the days Barramundi fishing progressed the young and up and coming lure angler regularily changed his chosen pattern of lure and was rewarded by a constant stream of highly acrobatic and hard fighting Barramundi weighing in the 4-5 kg range.
Further casts made by the young angler amongst the shoals of hungry Barramundi continued to produce fish with the angler varying his speed and direction of retrieval to try to entice the larger Barramundi into making an appearance.
As the lure angler continued to catch Barramundi and the sport started to slow down a change over to another pattern of lure was needed.
After trying several different patterns of artificial lure the angler was soon back into the Barramundi landing a succession of bigger fish.
A change over to a much larger lure size soon sparked another frenetic feeding frenzy seeing the angler landing several Barramundi larger sized Barramundi nudging the 7 kg barrier!
At the end of the days Barramundi fishing in Thailand the young angler had succeeded in landing a massive 32 fish haul with Barramundi ranging between 4-7kgs.


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