Barramundi fishing Thailand – 12 09 2012

UK angler Dan started his Thailand holiday with a short visit to the Barramundi ponds near Bangkok fishing for the hard fighting and acrobatic Barramundi.
On arrival at the Barramundi fishing ponds the angler was soon casting into one of the many fishing ponds with Cultiva lures made by Owner.
After only his second retrieve the anglers lure was savagely attacked as a Barramundi became airborne!

With the lure fishing rod bent almost in half the angler played the Barramundi as it performed a series of leaps and jumps trying to throw the the trebles.
After a few minutes the Barramundi was soon brought under control and slowly guided up onto the grassy bank.
After quickly unhooking the Barramundi the fish was swiftly returned to the fishing pond in readiness for the next fish.

Further casts into the fishing ponds resulted in more action as the Barramundi continued to slam into the anglers carefully cast artificial lures.

Dan’s tally of Barramundi soon began to build up with the angler soon passing double figures with the number of fish landed.
As the afternoons Barramundi fishing progressed Dan alternated between the various Barramundi fishing ponds in an effort to continue the momentum.

With the afternoon sun blazing down the angler continued to cast lures in the various fishing ponds with almost every cast resulting in a strike from the Barramundi.

The days Barramundi fishing continued at a hectic pace with the angler soon passing twenty fish weighing between 3-6kg’s.

In the afternoon just before the finish of fishing and an uncommon break in sport of around ten minutes Dan’s lure was once again attacked by a slightly larger Barramundi.
On this occasion the Barramundi powered off with the lure making a series of jumps before diving down deeply and shedding the hook leaving the angler to contemplate just how big the fish was.
The Barramundi clearly much bigger than anything else landed during the days Barramundi fishing at the Barramundi fishing ponds near Bangkok signalled an end to the days fishing and time to return to Bangkok.


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