Big brace Giant Freshwater stingrays in Thailand – 03 02 2009

German Big fish hunter Peter Lipah returned once again to the Maeklong River in Samut Songkran in Western Thailand.
After timing his arrival with that of the incoming tide the German angler soon had several rods positioned at various marks on the river.
Peter offered large deadbaits on large Owner circle hooks attached to heavy weight fluorocarbon hooklengths.
Long lengths of 150lb shockleader fitted with 1kg leads completed the set-up which were attached to 100lb Power Pro braided mainlines.
Peter fished with heavy weight big game outfits comprising of stout 5’ 6” Stand up rods fitted with roller guides coupled with large Accurate 2 speed multipliers.

After several aborted takes which saw the deadbaits being cut in half by unseen predators one of Peters rods finally indicated a take as line slowly was pulled from the multiplier.
Expertly engaged the clutch the angler wound down hard into a large Giant freshwater stingray.
A forty minute battle ensued which saw the fish continually embedding itself in the muddy riverbed in an attempt to evade capture.
Each occasion the boat was expertly repositioned allowing the angler to apply maximum pressure from directly above the fish.
With the German big fish ace continually piling on the pressure the fish was finally lifted from the riverbed.
With the fish in the relative safety of open water it was not long before the monster freshwater stingray was hauled over the waiting net.
After securing the net alongside the boat the fish was transported to the riverside.
The monster Giant freshwater stingray was estimated to weigh 190-200kg and was found to have a width of 2m+.
The monster fish was identified as being a large female and was released soon after photography.
With a short time left of the high water tide the angler returned once again to the productive area.
After only fishing for twenty minutes another take saw the angler once again bent into another Giant freshwater stingray.
This time the heavy duty big game equipment was more than a match for the freshwater stingray seeing the fish beaten in after a short ten minute battle!
Moments later a lively small male Giant freshwater stingray of some 50kg’s was netted by the team on their first attempt.
After a quick photo session the fish was released back into the river swimming away strongly with the outgoing tide.


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