Big Game Fishing for Giant stingrays in Thailand. – 17 03 2009

German angler Peter Lipah returned to the Maeklong River in Samut Songkran for a second day of fishing for Giant freshwater stingray.
Using 80-130lb class stand up rods coupled with Accurate and Shimano 2 speed multipliers loaded with 100lb braided mainlines the angler offered large sand goby as livebaits mounted on super sharp Owner Circle hooks.

After fishing for an hour with no indication of fish in the area the anglers moved further upstream to a previously productive section of the river.
Quickly dispatching the baits to the bottom Peter patiently waited for his first take of the session.
A further hour passed before one of the rods suddenly burst into life as it was nearly pulled from the rod holder!
Notching up the drag the angler slowly wound down into the already hooked predator as it steadily moved across the riverbed.
After the initial run the fish characteristically clamped onto the bottom creating an unmovable force deep below.
The boat was carefully repositioned above the fish allowing the angler to exert maximum pressure from directly above.
Several minutes of sustained pressure finally broke the fish’s grip of the bottom seeing the rod springing back as the fish moved up from its lair.
Furious winding of the reel saw the angler regaining direct contact with the fish which was soon played out in mid water without incident.

After netting the fish it was observed to be a small male and was estimated to weigh 40kg’s.
The Giant freshwater stingray had a wingspan of 1.1 metres and was found to be in immaculate condition.

The second tide saw Peter once again fishing in the same area that had produced the previous stingray.
A frustrating few hours followed with the arrival of a barrage of flotsam and underwater debris driven down the river from upstream continually fouling the anglers lines.
After repeatedly removing various debris and underwater rubbish which had fouled the line a slight knocking was observed on one of the rods.
A slow and highly tentative take began to develop pulling line from the spool slowly inch by inch.
Grasping the line between his finger and thumb the angler felt a knocking sensation being transmitted up the braided mainline.
Winding down hard saw the rod bent down towards the rivers surface as another Giant freshwater stingray was once again hooked.

After only seconds of fighting the fish Peter knew that it was only a small specimen.
Five minutes later a Giant freshwater stingray of an estimated 10-15kg’s (80cm) was brought alongside the boat and into the waiting net.
The small juvenile Giant freshwater stingray was identified as being a male and was quickly released moments later.
Peter continued to fish for a further one and a half hours before the tide began to retreat back towards the Gulf of Thailand.
The session passed without any further action seeing the angler being plagued by a series of aborted takes in the final hour.


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