Big Giant freshwater stingray fishing at Maeklong River – 05 03 2015

After fishing at the Maeklong River for the three previous days and catching five Giant freshwater stingrays, French angler David ended his Thailand fishing holiday with one last day at the Maeklong River in Thailand.
Fishing in the lower reaches of the tidal river saw the angler land a small stingray early in the day before things went quiet for a few hours.
With only a few hours of fishing time left one of the floats burst into life and began to move rapidly downstream.
On winding down into the Giant freshwater stingray the angler was met with a solid wall of resistance with the stingray dragging the boat a fair distance behind it.
An epic battle followed which saw the Giant fish embarking on a series of unstoppable runs before each time going to ground on the muddy riverbed.
After moving the fishing boat on several occasions to gain better leverage, the angler finally managed to get the big Giant freshwater stingray off the bottom and into open water.
The Giant freshwater stingray was then slowly winched up through the water inch by inch until it languished just beneath the surface.
A final lift of the heavy duty fishing rod saw the Giant freshwater stingray break through the surface whipping its tail from side to side.
The net was quickly unfurled beneath the Monster freshwater stingray and then made safe alongside the boat.
On reaching the waterside the Giant freshwater stingray was observed to be a big female and measured at a width of 2.2 metres.
An estimate of 220-240kg was placed on the big Giant freshwater stingray and photography and video was quickly made.
After a short period for recovery the big Giant freshwater stingray was released back into the Maeklong River.

Big Giant freshwater stingray fishing at Maeklong River


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