Carp and Catfish fishing Bungsamran Lake Bangkok – 16 06 2008

Expat Angler and Bangkok resident Brendan fished Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok for yet another session in search of Giant Siamese Carp.
Guided by Boy Brendan presented buoyant hookbaits over a heavily prebaited marginal area.
Fishing from the public bank Brendan landed several small striped Catfish before finally hooking his intended species. After a twenty minute battle which saw the fish entering the snags on several occasions the fish was finally netted.
The Giant Siamese Carp was estimated to weigh 18kg’s/39lb. Brendan would go on to capture six more Mekong Catfish with weights to an estimated 40kg’s in his short day session.
Brendan has not yet achieved his goal of a big Giant Siamese Carp and will be continuing his efforts in earnest to bank one of the larger Carp that Bungsamran Lake is renowned for.

Carp and Catfish fishing Bungsamran Lake Bangkok


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