Carp Fishing in Bangkok – 22 06 2011

After spending a few days in the Gulf of Thailand Geoff Maynard returned to Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok fishing for Giant Siamese Carp and Monster Mekong Catfish. On arrival at the lake Geoff was soon carp fishing on the public bank fishing with two rods baited with gigantic baited feeders.
With fish showing all round the lake Geoff quietly waited for events to unfold as bait was regularily added to the heavily baited marginal swim. Several small nuisance Mekong Catfish were caught from the baited area with relatively low weights causing the angler to top up the swim with more helpings of groundbait in readiness for the carp. After a short lull in action large patches of bubbles could be seen fizzing on the edge of the baited area.
Another high speed take saw Geoff this time connected to a Giant Siamese Carp which powered off towards the nearby snags. Applying maximum side strain caused the carp to veer away from the snags at the last minute creating a massive bow wave in its wake.
The Giant Siamese Carp plodded around in open water before quickly changing direction and heading directly for the anglers and fishing platform. Winding as quickly as possible to regain a tight line on the fish saw Geoff once again turn the giant carp causing it to powerfully charge along the margins.
After a few more lunges towards the underwater snags the Giant Siamese Carp was finally scooped into the landing net and hoisted onto the mat.
The Giant Siamese Carp was estimated to weigh 30kg’s and was proudly displayed for the camera before being gently released back into the lake.
As the days Thailand carp fishing continued Geoff began to be plagued by Mekong Catfish in the 20kg region which continually charged off with his hookbait after gorging themselves on the baited area.
After catching possibly a dozen Mekong Catfish in quick succession the swim seemed to die off with activity due to the disturbance.
After a quiet spell of around thirty minutes all hell broke loose a lightening fast take signaled the beginning of a much longer and tiring battle.
On lifting into the unseen fish a massive explosion of bubbles filled the swim leaving the angler in no question as to what species he had hooked.
A massive bow wave appeared as the Giant Siamese Carp propelled by its rudder-like tail exited the swim at speed!
Winding down into the rapidly departing carp saw the carp quickly changing direction before embarking on yet another spool emptying charge.
With Geoff putting as much pressure as humanly possible on the carp the Giant Siamese Carp once again changed tack this time heading at full speed towards the fishing platform and angler.
Unable to stop the powerful run of the Giant Siamese Carp Geoff on seeing the carp enter the maze of underwater snags immediately opened the spool on the reel allowing the fish to pass under the fishing platform and out of the other side.
With the Giant Siamese Carp now in open water on the other side of the platform several yards of line were pulled from the spool before being cut and rejoined on the other side of the fishing platform.
Once again battled recommenced with Geoff hanging on for dear life as the Giant Siamese Carp continued to power around in the main body of water.
Fifteen minutes passed, then twenty before the carp began to show signs of tiring.
After several more minutes a massive Giant Siamese Carp rolled over enticingly just out of netting range revealing a massive Giant Siamese Carp of at least 100lb’s.
The angler watched with baited breath as the carp was slowly pulled towards the waiting landing net.
On seeing the net the carp made one last dive for freedom but lacking the power of its previous attempts.
Moments later the Giant Siamese Carp was half bundled into the net to the cheers of dozens of on lookers.
Once on the bank the Giant Siamese Carp was estimated at 40kg/ 100lb+ and proudly held up for trophy shots before being carefully released back into the lake.
After regaining his composure Geoff resumed fishing and turned his attention to a big Mekong Catfish.
Geoff landed several small Mekong Catfish in the following hour before hooking a much bigger specimen.
After a battle which lasted almost half an hour a massive Mekong Catfish was finally landed.
The Mekong Catfish was estimated to weigh 55kg’s+ finishing the fishing trip in grand style.
Geoff’s carp fishing and catfishing exploits are chronicled on in his own unmistakable words.

Carp Fishing in BangkokCarp Fishing in Bangkok


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