Carp Fishing at Bungsamran Bangkok – 01 10 2009

Visiting specimen hunters Martin and Jason from Dudley in the UK went fishing at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok in the hope of catching Giant Siamese Carp and Mekong Catfish.
The anglers fished with method feeders loaded with local groundbaits over large beds of bait in the nearby margins.
Recasting on a regular basis the anglers soon began to catch Striped Catfish from the baited area to around 7.5kg’s.
After each fish the anglers topped up the swim with more bait in an effort to draw in the extremely cagey carp to the baited area.
Almost an hour later after returning yet another catfish one of the rods fished close to nearby structure burst into life as line was ripped from the reel.
On engaging the baitrunner the rod hooped over violently as a large swirl broke the surface over the baited area.
The fish proceeded to charge up and down the margins in an effort to gain the sanctuary of the nearby wooden supports.
Expertly guiding the fish away from the danger area the anglers played the fish out in open water for several more minutes before safely netting the Giant Siamese Carp on the first attempt.
On hoisting the chunky specimen onto the unhooking mat the fish was estimated to weigh 30kg’s before being the subject of a short photo session.
After recasting the rods the anglers sat back to wait for further developments.
Several minutes passed before yet another take indicated the arrival of the Mekong Catfish with this occasion seeing the fish rapidly departing towards the end of the lake.
A fifteen minute battle commenced that saw the anglers trying to regain line back on to the reel.
After playing the fish for almost fifteen minutes the Mekong Catfish came into netting range where it was quickly scooped up into the waiting net.
The Mekong Catfish was estimated to weigh around 25kg’s before being released after a short period of photography. Carp Fishing at Bungsamran Bangkok brings catfish to the rods as well.
The days fishing continued in much the same way with both anglers fighting fish at the same time as each other on several occasions.
The strenuous days angling was particularly productive and ended with the UK duo landing a twenty fish haul consisting of Giant Siamese Carp,Mekong Catfish and Striped Catfish


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