Carp fishing at Cha Am Fishing Park – 28 11 2008

Bangkok angler Brendan made the two hour trip from Bangkok to the coastal town of Cha Am on another fishing trip.
After arrival the angler soon cast out his rods into the central section of the lake.
Brendan fished sliding float set-ups with flavoured bread hookbaits with bread mix moulded onto an inline feeder.
Brendan soon hooked into a succession of relatively small Striped Catfish with weights to an estimated 8kg’s.
With the Striped Catfish literally coming every cast from the centre of the lake Brendan began to bait a marginal area in a quiet corner of the lake.
Repositioning his rods on the newly baited area Brendan soon hooked an exceptionally rare Catla Catla of an estimated 10lb’s.
This capture being only the second time that this rarely seen Asian Carp species has ever been caught by the Fishsiam team.
After rebaiting the swim and changing over to bottom fishing tactics Brendan recast his rods to the marginal hot spot.
With fish regularily visiting the swim Brendan soon started catching Rohu with weights upto an estimated 15lb’s.
Brendan continued to fish for a further five hours catching a further fifteen fish with Rohu to 15lb’s, Striped Catfish to 17lb’s, a Giant Gourami of some 4lb’s and another small Catla Catla of some 4.5lb’s.
The overall tally for the days fishing at the highly prolific Cha Am Fishing Park amounted to over thirty fish with weights up to 17lb’s.


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