Carp Fishing Cha Am Fishing park – 22 04 2012

Gerard Parruite continued his Thailand fishing holiday with a change of venue to Cha Am fishing park in Cha Am.  On arrival at the Cha Am fishing park complex the angler was soon casting into the carp and catfish lake as fish topped all over the lake. Fishing with feeders loaded with local groundbait the angler offered bare hooks embedded into the large balls of groundbait. The French fishing writer was soon into his first fish of the day which resulted in a small Mekong Catfish of an estimated 15kg’s. Further casts towards the baited area resulted in yet more Striped Catfish and Mekong Catfish being brought to the bank with weights between 10-20kg’s. Fishing with both bare hooks embedded in the groundbait balls and short hooklinks popped up a few inches off the bottom with foam the French fishing enthusiast landed a succession of Thailand monster fish with several Catfish weighing around the 30kg region.

As the days fishing at Cha Am fishing park progressed into the afternoon a high speed take indicated the beginning of another gruelling battle. On this occasion a large explosion of bubbles appeared on the surface at the exact moment of the take giving the angler a good idea of the culprit. The bubbles combined with a big bow wave exiting the swim clearly indicated the unseen fish was a Giant Siamese Carp and the anglers intended target.

Applying as much pressure as he dared the angler carefully played the Giant Siamese Carp as it ploughed across the fishing park towards the far side of the lake. The Giant Siamese Carp fought extremely hard for over ten minutes as it powered about in the centre of the lake creating gigantic bow waves.
Several more minutes passed before the Giant Siamese Carp surfaced just out of netting range causing the angler to walk the fish backwards towards the waiting net. Seconds later the carp was engulfed by the landing net causing it to thrash wildly.
The Giant Siamese Carp was estimated to weigh in the region of 30kg’s and was quickly released after a short period for recovery.
Gerard continued to fish for a few more hours at Cha Am fishing park in search of yet more carp but failed to catch any further carp with only Striped Catfish and Mekong Catfish picking up his baits


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