Carp fishing at Now Nam Lake – 12 08 2009

Expat anglers Brendan and Rusty visited the highly prolific Now Nam fishing llake near Bangkok. Fishing with 4 oz Fox Method feeders loaded with locally produced groundbaits and flavours the anglers offered hooks popped up with rig foam two inches above the feeder.
The anglers baited a large area quite heavily and fished multiple rods to various parts of the baited area.
After only a matter of minutes after casting out, Brendan was already connected to a Striped Catfish which powered off towards the centre of the lake. Playing the fish reasonably hard it was not long before the fish was safely in the landing net.
Several more Striped Catfish fell for the anglers tactics with a monster sized Striped Catfish of an estimated 27-30kg’s being landed by Brendan.
A short lull in the action was soon followed by a series of Big Head Carp and Silver Carp which ravenously homed in on the baited area. The anglers accounted for several good sized Big Head Carp to an estimated 10kg’s with Silver Carp captured with weights to just over 6.5kg’s.
Giant Siamese Carp also made an appearance with Rusty bagging a 20kg specimen in addition to a small 4-5kg fish. With fish still clearly in the baited area the anglers enjoyed sport throughout the day from various carp and catfish species.
Rusty also scored with a bonus Java Barb of at least 1.5kg’s whilst Brendan added to his tally with several Marbled Sand Goby caught on small ornamental live baits.

Carp fishing at Now Nam Lak


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