Carp fishing Now Nam in Thailand – 01 05 2009

Bangkok angler Brendan returned to Now Nam Lake near Bangkok in search of Giant Siamese Carp.
After landing the largest Giant Siamese Carp from the lake on a previous visit the angler opted to fish method feeder tactics in the hope of catching one of the elusive Giant Siamese Carp which inhabit the lake.
Fishing with local groundbait packed onto 4 oz Fox Method feeders the angler fished at the far end of the lake away from other local anglers.

After heavily baiting several areas in the nearby margins the angler soon had baits positioned along the nearby fishing platform.
After about fifteen minutes a mass of bubbles started to break the surface over one of the baited spots.
Several tense minutes passed with fish clearly in the vicinity disturbing the slackened off mainline at regular intervals.

After what seemed like an eternity one of the rods finally rattled off seeing the angler quickly setting the hook into the rapidly departing fish!
A short five minute battle followed which saw the fish being brought to the surface on several occasions revealing a good sized Rohu.
Soon after the fish was netted and hoisted onto the unhooking mat where it was observed to weigh around the 14lb region.

With the carp released the angler repositioned the rods once again over the productive area.
Topping up the swim with bait at regular intervals soon seemed to provoke a response as the anglers left hand rod suddenly burst into life!
On setting the hook a mass of bubbles rose to the surface leaving the angler in no mistake as to what species had picked up his bait.
A large swirl broke the surface as a Giant Siamese Carp careered out of the swim!
Brendan skillfully played the fish into the safer open water where it proceeded to make a series of unstoppable runs.
Fifteen minutes later the angler had regained control of the fish and saw a decent sized Giant Siamese Carp being safely netted.
The Giant Siamese Carp was estimated to weigh 17kg’s and was quickly released after photography.

Brendan fished hard throughout the rest of the day catching several more Rohu and Small scaled Mud Carp but saw no further action from the Giant Siamese Carp


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