Carp fishing Palm Tree Lagoon – 19 01 2009

UK angler Richard Larkin returned to Palm Tree Lagoon fishing for the numerous carp species that reside in its depths.
Richard used Fox 4oz Method feeders loaded with local groundbait and flavourings in conjunction with short braided hooklinks and Owner hooks.
The angler fished to several areas prebaited the previous evening with a large amount of groundbait.
With masses of bubbles coming from the prebaited marginal hot spot the angler waited patiently for action.
Almost an hour after making his initial cast a rod fished on the baited area tore off as a fish picked up the anglers bait.
Richard immediately wound down into the fish causing it to change direction.
After several more high speed runs the fish began to tire and was soon brought to the waiting landing net.
A beautiful Rohu lay in the folds of the landing net of some 16lb’s displaying a stunning silvery colouration throughout its flanks.
After a few quick photographs the fish was safely returned to the lake.
Quickly rebaiting the rods the baits were once again fishing on the baited area.
Richard continued to fish throughout the day and steadily caught more Rohu with weights to 14lb’s.
The Giant Siamese Carp did not make an appearance on this particular day but showed several times over the baited area.
Richard also caught several Catla Catla a rarely seen Asian carp species with ancestry similar to the Giant Siamese Carp with weights to 5lb’s.


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