Carp fishing in Thailand Bungsamran in Bangkok – 04 01 2010

Expat angler and Bangkok resident Brendan returned to Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok in search of Giant Siamese Carp.
On arrival the Bangkok angler decided to fish from the public bank and hastily baited a marginal area close to the wooden supports of the fishing platform.

After only fifteen minutes the angler was already into a fish which quickly was found to be a small Striped Catfish.

After releasing the Striped Catfish the angler quickly rebaited his rod before swinging it back into position.
Several minutes followed before line began to be stripped rapidly from the spool of the reel.

On winding down into the fish it was apparent that a good sized Giant Siamese Carp had picked up the bait.
The carp proceeded to embark on a series of powerful runs along the length of the platform causing the angler to follow the fish for twenty yards.

Carefully guiding the fish into the safety of open water the angler watched as large vortices began to break the surface.

A further ten minutes of arm aching punishment passed before the Giant Siamese Carp was finally beaten and brought into the waiting landing net.

The Giant Siamese Carp was hauled onto a unhooking mat and was observed to be a very girthy specimen.
The angler estimated the weight of the carp to be 30kg’s and proudly held the fish aloft for several trophy shots before its release.

After rebaiting both rods the angler settled back to wait for more action from the monster carp and Catfish.

It was not long before a succession of Striped and Mekong Catfish fell to the angler’s stealthy close in approach with weights ranging between 8-20kg’s.

The days fishing progressed in much the same fashion with the angler continuing to land Striped and Mekong Catfish.

After a quiet spell in the late afternoon the angler hooked yet another Giant Siamese Carp which tore off at breakneck speed towards the nearby snags.
The carp on this occasion was beaten after a relatively short battle lasting only ten minutes and was observed to be a smaller specimen estimated to weigh 22kg’s.

The angler continued to fish for the rest of the day landing several more Striped and Mekong Catfish with estimated weights upto 22kg’s


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