Carp fishing Thailand Palm Tree – 26 03 2011

The second day of Tim’s Fishing Thailand holiday saw the UK angler carp fishing at Palm Tree Lagoon.
Fishing for both the carp and predator species the angler set up close to the restaurant baiting several marginal and open water spots.
Tim fished a large method feeder packed with cereal groundbait with super sharp Owner hook embedded into the bait ball.
The other rod was fished with a long fluorocarbon leader and Owner bait hook mounted with large slivers of mackerel.
Regular baiting one of the marginal spots with bait soon began to draw in the fish with large bubbles fizzing up on the surface over the baited area.
A high speed run soon had the angler tightly gripping the carp rod as a carp rapidly departed the area.
Winding down into the carp soon caused the run to slow down before the carp kited heavily towards the right hand side of the lake on a long line.
The unseen monster carp charged up and don the far margins of the lake a few times before Tim could regain control of the situation.
Finally the carp began to respond to the constant pressure and was brought to the waiting landing net.
The immaculate Giant Siamese Carp was carefully hoisted from the water and onto the unhooking mat and was estimated to weigh 30 kg’s.
After a few quick trophy shots the carp was gently returned to the lake in a quiet corner.
As the days fishing at Palm Tree Lagoon progressed Tim caught further carp with several Rohu (Indian Carp) falling for his groundbait feeder tactics.
The predator rod was also very busy seeing the angler landing several hungry predators topped by some large Redtail Catfish nudging 30kg’s.
The UK angler fished very hard throughout the day landing fifteen different monster fish composing of various exotic freshwater species.
Tim’s haul of monster fish also included a highly sought after and rarely captured Julien’s Golden Prize Carp weighing 17 lb’s making the days angling particularly satisfying



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