Carp fishing in Thailand Topcats – 06 12 2009

Expat angler and Bangkok resident Brendan returned to Koh Samui for a short fishing session at Topcats fishing resort.
Brendan chose to fish to the far margins and offered hair rigged maize tipped with artificial corn presented on a bolt rig presentation.

Weather conditions were not particularily good with the onset of the annual raining season.
After a slow start Brendan started to experience delicate line bites as fish clearly fed close to his hookbaits.

After several aborted takes Brendan finally managed to hook a fish which powered off along the far bank margins.
After several minutes the fish was in netting range angrily boiling on the surface as Yut expertly netted the fish.

The fish was observed to be a small Rohu and was estimated to weigh 12lb’s.
Several more Rohu followed in the next few hours with weights to a similar size to the first carp.

Brendan also succeeded in landing several other Mekong Catfish from a rod fished into the central area of the lake to an estimated 25kg’s.

With no further action falling to the rod fished to the far margin Brendan persevered with his regular baiting continuing to top up the swim at regular intervals with a scattering of maize.

Several more hours passed which saw Pacu and more Mekong Catfish falling for the rod fished to the centre of the lake over a heavily baited area.
In the later part of the day the rod fished to the far margin suddenly burst into life with a jerky but steady take.
Brendan immediately struck into the unseen carp causing it to charge off along the far bank making a large bow wave.

A short but spirited battle followed which saw the angler carefully playing the carp back towards him.
The fight was on this occasion very nerve racking due to the fact that the carp showed on several occasions revealing the form of an extremely rare Julien’s Golden Prize Carp.

After several fraught moments at netting the Julien’s Golden Prize Carp was finally brought over the waiting net.
The Julien’s Golden Prize Carp was estimated to weigh 13.5lb’s and was proudly displayed by the captor.

This capture was particularily pleasing for Brendan being the angler’s first encounter with what is possibly one of the rarest carp species in the world.

Carp fishing in Thailand Topcats


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