Cow tail stingray fishing Maeklong River – 10 04 2009

The Fishsiam team once again returned to the Maeklong River in Samut Songkran in search of Giant freshwater stingrays.
Corresponding the visit to coincide with the incoming tide the anglers positioned small live baits on the edge of the central channel on a wide bend of the river.
With the invading tide causing the water level to increase conditions looked good for a bite but the anglers struggled for the following two hours without so much as a knock.
All too soon the tide had turned and the flow of the river turned back towards the sea.
With the water level decreasing rapidly the anglers readied themselve’s for a fishless day and prepared to return to the riverside.

Suddenly a knocking on the tip revealed something had taken an interest in the small Sand Goby livebait!
Quickly picking up the rod the anglers gently clasped the line feeling for any indication of a stingray.
Seconds later the mainline was pulled from the anglers grasp causing line to gently be pulled from the multiplier.
Winding down into the fish the anglers felt a distinct thudding from below which they assumed to be a small Giant freshwater stingray.
After a fairly uneventful three minute battle a Cow Tail Stingray was swiftly brought alongside the boat before the team quickly scooped it up and placed it in the boat.

On inspection the Cow Tail Stingray was found to be a male and was observed to have a wingspan of 75cm’s.
The fish was estimated to weigh 12kg’s and was released after photography


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