Danish anglers fishing Arapaima IT Lake – 29 10 2009

The final day of Danish angler’s Thomas and Ole’s fishing holiday saw yet another early start at the lake.
With this being the angler’s last opportunity to catch a big Arapaima the angler’s opted to fish deadbaits throughout the entire day.

Quietly positioning their baits in spots close to the bankside the anglers silently waited for events to unfold.

Ten minutes passed before a high speed take saw line being ripped from the reel.
Quickly engaging the baitrunner resulted in the rod being pulled down towards the surface of the water as the unseen predator charged off with the bait.

Continued pressure being applied to the fish resulted in the fish being turned back towards the anglers where it was fought out in the nearby margins.
After several fraught moments at the time of netting the large Redtail Catfish was finally brought into the folds of the net and hoisted onto the bankside.
The large Redtail Catfish was estimated to weigh 27kg’s and was released after a short photo session.

The afternoon continued in a similar fashion with more Redtail Catfish making an appearance.
Just after midday the anglers became besieged by a hungry shoal of Pacu which constantly picked up the mackerel deadbaits time after time.

After landing several large Pacu in succession the Danish anglers fishing Arapaima IT Lake moved around to the other side of the lake to fish a quiet bay in the corner. 

Silently swinging their deadbaits into position the angler’s patiently waited for further developments.

Only fifteen minutes later a slow ponderous take saw a large bow wave exiting the swim as the mainline pulled taught.
Slowly picking up the rod Thomas carefully wound down into the unseen fish causing an eruption of water ten yards out into the lake.

The violent shaking of the fish was immediately transmitted up the mainline as a large Arapaima thrashed wildly in an attempt to free itself from the baited hook.
The armoured predatory monster fish proceeded on a series of powerful runs high up in the water throwing itself out of the water on several occasions.

Ten minutes later the Amazonian predator languished in the nearby margins occasionally shaking its armour plated head.
The landing net was gently slipped underneath the Arapaima causing the fish to wake up from its exhausted slumber.

After leaving the fish n the net for a few minutes to calm down the fish was finally taken out of the net.
The armour plated Amazonian predator was estimated to weigh 60-65kg’s and was released after a few quick trophy shots.

The anglers continued to catch fish throughout the remainder of the day with some good sized Redtail Catfish in addition to several other predatory species falling for their deadbait presentations.

At the end of the days angling the Danish fishermen had accounted for a twenty-five fish haul topped by the large Arapaima which fell to Thomas’ rod.


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