Fishing Ban Pakong River with National Geographic for stingrays – 18 01 2009

Day Two of a two week Thailand stingray fishing expedition in search of Giant freshwater stingray saw the Fishsiam team once again on the banks of the Ban Pakong River in Thailand.
After catching a Giant freshwater stingray of 60kg’s on the previous day hopes were high that the team would catch Giant freshwater stingray.
The team was joined by Dr.Zeb Hogan from the National Geographic Society and Mega fish project in addition to a film production crew.
The objective for the two week fishing expedition was to provide footage of the capture of large Giant freshwater Stingray in addition to carrying out groundbreaking scientific examinations and procedures.
Yet again the water and fishing conditions looked far from favorable with dense beds of floating weed descending down the river.
With the worsening water conditions bringing masses of underwater debris downstream the team moved location several times trying to combat the flow of rotting vegetation.
Fishing from a combination of areas both requiring a boat to gain access in addition to several bankside areas the team was continually confounded by the underwater debris.
After fishing for a full day without any action the rods were retrieved along with masses of weed that had gathered on the lines.
On inspection one of the large livebaits had been crushed flat and the flesh of the fish displayed the distinctive criss-cross pattern found on a Giant Freshwater stingrays mouth.
The large amounts of weed accumulated on the mainline had caused a large bow in the line to form and had not indicated a take whatsoever!


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