Fishing for big Catfish in Bangkok – 06 11 2009

US angler Evan Gluck decided to finish off his holiday with some fishing for Mekong Catfish in Bangkok. After a short journey in the early morning rush hour Evan arrived at the lake and decided to fish from the public bank. After tying up a two sliding float set-ups the angler moulded local groundbait onto inline cage feeders before casting out into the central part of the lake. Ten minutes passed before the float was violently pulled under the surface by a large Mekong Catfish.Disengaging the baitrunner on the reel saw the rod hoped over into full fighting curve as the fish continued to charge towards the far side of the lake. Continued pressure saw the fish pumped back across the lake towards the wooden fishing platform only for the fish to once again wake up and go off on another series of powerful runs. Fifteen minutes later a large Mekong Catfish rolled in front of the waiting landing net where it was quickly scooped up on the first attempt.

The Mekong Catfish was estimated to weigh in the region of 30kg’s and was released shortly after a few trophy shots.

Further Mekong Catfish followed as the day progressed with the US angler adding specimens of 20 and 25kg’s to his haul.

A short break for lunch saw the American angler back in contact with the fish with several more good sized fish to an estimated 30kg’s. Evan fished well throughout the short day session amassing a double figure bag consisting of mainly Mekong Catfish.
Evan’s Mekong Catfish capture would have been much larger except for a series of frustrating losses that befell him in the later part of the afternoon.

At the end of the days angling Evan had captured twelve Mekong and Striped Catfish with weights topped by several fish of around the 30kg mark.


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