Fishing Bungsamran Lake – 03 09 2011

Lasse a Norwegian angler living in Thailand made a short visit to Bangkok in search of Mekong Catfish.

On arrival at Bungsamran Lake the angler wasted no time in casting towards the hordes of Mekong Catfish showing in the centre of the lake.
Fishing with sliding float presentations the angler offered large baited feeders at mid depth in an effort to entice the hungry catfish into feeding.

With the float only having settled for a few moments it was quickly pulled under the surface as an unseen Mekong Catfish powered off with the baited feeder.

Winding down into the Mekong Catfish saw the rod violently bent into full parabolic curve as the fish charged off towards the far side of the lake.

Lasse played the fish hard clamping down on the spool of the reel in an effort to stop the Mekong Catfish’s powerful run.
After several minutes the Mekong Catfish was turned before embarking on yet another powerful run.

Ten minutes after initially hooking the fish saw the Mekong Catfish brought within netting range where it angrily charged up ad down the margins.

The Mekong Catfish was expertly netted by the guide before being hauled up onto the unhooking mat.
The Mekong Catfish was in perfect condition and was estimated to weigh 20kg’s.

Further casts towards the showing catfish resulted in more Mekong Catfish with weights ranging between 15-20kg’s.

The Norwegian angler soon got into his stride and was landing a fish almost every cast into the productive area.

As the afternoon the anglers tally increased seeing the angler experience runs on both rods at the same time on several occasions.

Several larger specimens graced the net as the days fishing continued with Lasse landing Mekong Catfish to 35kg’s.
At the end of the days fishing in Bangkok the Norwegian angler had amassed a twenety fish capture topped by several specimens to 35kg’s.

Fishing Bungsamran Lak


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