Fishing carp Bung Buk Bangkok – 02 05 2009

Expat angler and Bangkok resident Brendan visited the relatively un-fished Bung Buk on the outskirts of Bangkok.
The angler decided to use light tackle and offer delicate groundbait presentations which were cast towards the central part of the lake.

Casting small groundbait balls into the centre of the lake with a Fox Barbel rod saw the angler patiently watching the rod tip for indications of a bite.
After several casts the tip bent round and the angler lifted the rod into a fish.
With relatively light tackle the angler carefully played the fish back towards the bank towards the waiting net.
Seconds later a Small Scale Mud Carp rolled over the arm of the net!
The fish was quickly unhooked and photographed before being released.

Brendan reloaded his feeder and recast back into the productive area before replacing his rod back on his pod.
Seconds later the tip sprang round again seeing the angler once again striking into another fish.
The fish on this occasion was a much smaller specimen and was netted in a matter of minutes.
The culprit this time being a stunning barb of a mere few pounds which was quickly photographed before being released.

The day continued to produce more fish seeing the angler catching a large double figure bag comprising of a variety of native species.
Included in the anglers catch were Small Scaled Mud Carp, various Barb species, Tilapia and also a bonus Rohu all caught in a short five hour session.
With the minimal amount of angling pressure that Bung Buk has received it is sure to continue producing good mixed bags of fish for pleasure anglers wishing to escape the commercial fisheries of Bangkok.


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