Fishing for Catfish in Bangkok. – 15 03 2009

Another visit to Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok saw Peter Lipah fishing from the public area.

Peter offered 4oz Fox Method feeders loaded with local groundbaits with fluoro leaders and super sharp Owner hooks popped up above with rig foam.
The angler opted to bait heavily and applied a large amount of bait in a marginal area close to structure.

After gently lobbing his baits into the baited area Peter did not have long to wait before one of his rods ripped off!
After engaging the baitrunner on the reel the fish headed towards the centre of the lake pulling line from the reel at a rate of knots.
A ten minute battle ensued which saw the German angler skillfully playing the fish in open water away from the nearby snags.
Soon after the Mekong Catfish was netted and hoisted onto the unhooking mat.
The fish was estimated to weigh 20kg’s and was released after photography.

After rebaiting his rods Peter settled back and waited for more action.
The angler was soon into a succession of fish with hard fighting Mekong Catfish and Striped Catfish continually picking up his baits.

Continually topping up the swim with bait saw the angler enjoying a fantastic mornings angling with several large Mekong Catfish being caught over the 30kg mark.

A break for lunch and a much needed rest saw the German angler recharged and ready for action.
Returning to the swim Peter recast his rods into the lake in readiness for more action.
An extremely fast take saw the unseen fish charge into the nearby snags, carefully the angler eased the fish from the danger area and back into open water.
Another super fast run caused the angler to apply maximum side strain in order to keep the fish from escaping.
A large boil showed on the surface surrounded by a mass of bubbles a sure fire sign for carp!
Seconds later the hooklength gave way and the fish was gone!
On inspection of the hooklength it was observed to be weakened by the wooden supports of the fishing platform.

After changing to a new hooklength the angler recast his rods once again.
Ten minutes later the angler was again bent into another fish which once again powered off into the lake.
The German angler fished hard throughout the day and caught numerous Striped and Mekong Catfish to 30kg’s+.
At the end of the days angling the German big fish ace had amassed a gigantic thirty fish haul with weights ranging between 10-31kg’s


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