Fishing Catfish Thailand IT Lake Monsters – 21 03 2015

US angler Henry began his Thailand fishing holiday with a visit to IT Lake Monsters fishing Catfish, red tailed and other predators.
On arrival at the lake the angler started fishing with lures and was soon landing Pacu, Sorubim and Alligator Gar throughout the morning.
After a change over to deadbait in the afternoon Henry was soon landing a succession of hungry predators in the shape of a large shoal of Redtail Catfish that had homed in on his baited area. The Redtail Catfish ranged between 10-30kg’s and all fought every inch of the way to the net.
Fishing with large strips of mackerel the angler had soon landed over fifteen fish in the first few hours fishing with dead baits.
The days predator fishing at IT Lake seemed to get better and better with almost a fish every cast for the next few hours.
Henry also caught Giant Snakehead and Sorubim during the days fishing session in addition to Gar and Pacu.
At the end of the days predator fishing trip to IT Lake Monsters the US angler had amassed over 30 fish in a single days fishing with some quality Redtail Catfish to 30-35kg’s and several other exotic species.

Fishing Catfish Thailand IT Lake Monsters


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