Fishing for Barramundi – 26 10 2009

Thomas and Ole started their fishing holiday in Thailand with a visit to the Barramundi ponds situated in Ban Pakong just outside of Bangkok.
On arrival the anglers adopted a roving approach and slowly worked their lures across the first pond in an attempt to induce a take from the hard fighting Barramundi.

After several exploratory casts Thomas was soon connected to a highly acrobatic Barramundi which proceeded to hurl itself out of the water in a series of powerful aerial displays.
After a spirited five minute battle the Barramundi was slowly brought to the bankside hwere it was expertly gloved by Nok.

The Barramundi was weighed at a weight of 6kg’s before being promptly released back into the pond.

Moments later Ole set the hook into another Barramundi which embarked on another acrobatic aerial display.
Both anglers continually cast a variety of Rapala lures into the various ponds inducing a continuous stream of hungry predators to ferociously slam into the artificial lures.
The Danish anglers fished well throughout the morning capturing several extremely good sized Barramundi to 6.5kg’s.

Around midday the non stop action seemed to tail off with the fish becoming less interested in the angler’s lures.
After making several changes in lure pattern the anglers attached small shads to their leaders before casting into the ponds and allowing the shads to sink deep.
Slowly tweaking the lures back across the bottom saw the Barramundi regain interest in the shads signaling the beginning of another spell of feeding activity.

Several extremely large Barramundi followed with weights between 5-8kg’s testing the light weight spinning outfits to their absoloute limits.

At the end of the days lure fishing at the Barramundi ponds the Danish angler’s had accounted for a thirty fish capture with Barramundi weighing between 2.5-8kg’s


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