Fishing Giant Snakehead – 22 03 2011

On the final day of their Giant Snakehead fishing adventure Paolo Ceppi and his companion once again began fishing just after dawn. With weather and water conditions not t their best the angler’s once again donned water proof’s before beginning to fish for the Snakeheads.  After trying several open water areas without success the anglers moved to another previously unexplored area of the massive lake. Throughout the morning the anglers patiently cast their artificial lures into likely looking spots in an attempt to induce a strike. With only a few very small juvenile Giant Snakehead showing interest in their carefully presented lures the angler’s regularly changed lure pattern to try to induce action.
After changing over to a deeper diving Cultiva pattern Paolo’s first cast into a deep tree lined bay was rewarded by a satisfying strike.
On setting the hook the angler’s light weight spinning outfit was tested to its limit as a good sized Hampala Barb or Jungle Perch tried to reach the sanctuary of the submerged trees.
Applying as much side strain as he dared the angler succeeded in stopping the fish’s initial run causing the fish to surface just on the edge of the tree line.
A lively five minute battle followed which saw the predatory carp charging around in the deeper water.
After allowing the Hampala Barb to tire, the fish was brought next to the boat and quickly grabbed by the guide with a boca grip.
The beautiful Hampala Barb or Jungle Perch was weighed at a weight of 2.3kg’s and quickly released after photography.
Paolo and his companion fished well throughout the day and went on to land several more Giant Snakeheads.
On a day when the weather conditions were continually changing, the anglers fished extremely hard landing several Snakeheads to 2kg’s.

Fishing Giant SnakeheadFishing Giant SnakeheadFishing Giant Snakehead


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