Fishing Koi Carp at Now Nam Lake in Thailand. – 15 01 2009

Austrian angler Thomas Ritzinger went fishing at Now Nam Lake near Bangkok in search of Carp and Catfish.
Fishing at a quiet part of the lake the European angler used 4oz Fox Method feeders loaded with groundbait and flavouring’s.
Sharp Owner hooks were popped up 3 inches above the bait with rig foam completing the set-up.
After heavily baiting several areas close to nearby structure the angler patiently waited for a take.
Thomas had not been fishing long before a Big Head Carp picked up the bait and charged towards the centre of the lake.
A short five minute battle saw a Big Head Carp of some 12kg’s brought to the waiting net.
Several more Big Head Carp followed with weights ranging between 6-10kg’s over the next few hours before the swim went totally quiet.
After repositioning the rods on another prebaited area it was not long before another take fell to Thomas’s rods.
A high speed run saw the angler bending into yet another Asian Carp as a Silver Carp of 6.5kgs was quickly brought to the net.
Over the next few hours fishing Thomas added several small Striped Catfish to his mixed haul of Carp with weights to a relatively low 8kg’s.
After a one hour lull in action Thomas’s right hand rod received a tentative take as yet another Asian Carp species picked up his bait.
A stunning Koi Carp of 7lbs was soon brought to the waiting net and netted on the first attempt by Min.
The beautiful Koi Carp displayed an assortment of colours with bright red, black and yellow colouration throughout its flanks.
The fish was found to be in immaculate condition and was released after a few quick photographs.


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