Fishing IT Lake Monsters in Thailand – 24 12 2009

Mark from the UK continued his fishing holiday, fishing at the highly prolific IT Lake Monsters in Ratchaburi.
After an early start the angler began fishing with artificial lures in an attempt to hook one of the many predatory species which are found in the lake.
After several casts towards showing fish the Cultiva lure was violently attacked by a large predator which tore off on a series of arm aching runs.
A ten minute battle followed which saw the light weight spinning outfit being put through its paces.
After a few hairy moments at the time of netting the landing net was finally put under a good sized Redtail Catfish of an estimated 15kg’s+.
Further casts produced several Alligator Gars to an estimated 16lb’s in addition to several other predatory species.
Towards the later part of the morning action began to slow down with the arrival of more anglers at the lake.
After a quiet period of almost an hour another savage take saw the spinning rod bent over double as a very big Giant Snakehead violently hit the lure.
A short but highly spirited ten minute battle ensued which saw the Snakehead angrily shaking its head in an attempt to shed the treble hooks.
After netting the Giant Snakehead it was observed to be an extremely long fish which was estimated to weigh around the 8kg region.
The Giant Snakehead was carefully released after a few trophy shots for Marks forcthcoming angling blog.
With the coming of the afternoon the angler switched over to deadbaits and action once again resumed.
A succession of predatory species followed with the angler successfully landing further Redtail Catfish to 25kg’s, Striped and Spotted Sorubim to 20kg’s, Arapaima and Asian Redtail Catfish.
At the end of the days highly productive fishing at IT lake Monsters ,Mark had amassed a large haul of over twenty monster fish with weights upto 25kg’s topped by a specimen sized Giant Snakehead of 8kg’s.


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