Fishing at IT Lake Monsters in Thailand – 19 12 2009

Another visit to IT Lake Monsters saw Francois Pineau fishing for the many predators contained in its depths.
Fishing in the early part of the day the angler chose to fish with lures and began to cast a variety of Cultiva and Rapala lures in an effort to tempt a predator or two.
After making several casts into the lake an aggressive take saw the light spinning outfit almost doubled over as an Asian Redtail Catfish savagely attacked the lure.

A short but lively battle followed which saw the Asian Redtail making a powerful initial run before succumbing to the constant pressure applied by the fisherman.

The Asian Redtail Catfish was estimated to weigh 10kg’s and was proudly displayed for the camera before being released back into the lake.

Further casts resulted in more predatory fish with Redtail Catfish to an estimated 25kg’s and Pacu falling for the anglers delicately presented lure fishing presentations.

After changing at 2pm over to deadbait the rate of captures increased ten fold with predators falling to almost every cast.
A succession of big Redtail Catfish with weights to over 25kg’s continued to fall for the anglers deadbait tactics in addition to various other weird and wonderful predatory species.

As the day progressed the fishing continued to get better with more quality Redtail Catfish, Pacu and Asian Redtail Catfish falling for the deadbaits.

Later in the evening the angler also captured a large Spotted Sorubim of an estimated 20kg’s which fell for a mackerel fillet fished in a quiet marginal area.

At the end of the days angling Francois had captured a large haul of over twenty fish topped by some quality Redtail Catfish and Sorubim to 25kg’s+


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