Fishing Mekong Catfish Thailand – 15 12 2012

UK angler Haydn decided to spend a day fishing in Bangkok during his Thailand holiday.

On arriving at Bungsamran Fishing Park in Bangkok he chose to fish from a private bungalow for the many Mekong Catfish.

Haydn cast out with two rods fishing sliding float set ups at mid depth presenting feeders packed with local groundbait.

It was not long before one his floats disappeared under the surface and line began to be stripped from the reel.
Picking up the rod saw take on its full curve as a Mekong Catfish moved strongly away with the bait.

Haydn put as much pressure on the fish as was humanly possible and soon had the Mekong Catfish under some sort of control.
After a few more minutes the catfish was carefully guided towards the waiting landing net before being brought up onto the mat for unhooking.

The Mekong Catfish was estimated to weigh 18kg’s and was quickly released back into the fishing lake.

Further casts produced more Mekong Catfish of a similar size which continued to home in on his large balls of groundbait.

As the days Thailand fishing in Bangkok progressed the UK angler continued to add Mekong Catfish to his rapidly increasing tally of fish.

After a lull in sport and a change of depth on the sliding float set up Haydn was soon back into the Mekong Catfish landing several more Mekong Catfish of a slightly larger average size of 20-25kg’s.

With the days Bangkok fishing trip coming to an end the UK angler added a few more Mekong Catfish to his tally of catfish with at least one being a larger specimen approaching the 30 kg’s region.

At the end of the days Thailand fishing in Bangkok for Mekong Catfish the angler had succeeded in landing fourteen Mekong Catfish with weights ranging between 15 and 30 kg’s.


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