Fishing Palm Tree Lagoon Monster Fish in Thailand – 16 01 2009

Richard Larkin from the UK visited Palm Tree Lagoon in Ratchaburi province.
On the anglers first visit to the lake he chose to fish for both the Carp and Catfish species in addition to fishing for predators.
Richard offered 4oz Fox Method feeders loaded with local groundbait with short braided hooklinks and super sharp Owner hooks for the carp.
In addition Richard also fished with Fox bubble floats with small ornamental livebaits suspended below.
After fishing for a short period of time the bubble float in the centre of the lake lurched into life as it was pulled beneath the surface!
Richard wound down and attempted to set the hook with the result being a massive bow wave exiting the swim.
From the size of the bow wave and the sight of a large elongated dorsal fin exiting the swim the angler was in no doubt as to what was the culprit.
Palm Tree Lagoon holds several Chaophraya Catfish reputed to weigh upto a gigantic 96kg’s.
The estimated size of the fish clearly put the fish in the upper fifty kg range.
After regaining his composure Richard recast his float fished livebait towards the centre of the lake.
A short time later another run on the float rig developed, this time Richard successfully hooked the fish and after a five minute battle safely netted a small Chaophraya Catfish of 10kg’s.
Richard had several more opportunities to hook a large Chaophraya Catfish throughout the day but sadly did not manage to land any of the bigger specimens.
Richard did manage to catch several Redtail Catfish with relatively low weights in addition to a lovely Striped Sorubim of an estimated 10kg’s.
Richard also caught Rohu with weights of 3-5kg’s which fell for Method feeder tactics fished to a marginal spot.


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