Fishing for Stingray’s in Thailand Maeklong River – 21 12 2009

UK angler Mark on his first fishing holiday to Thailand began the first day of his ten day holiday fishing for Stingrays at the Maeklong River in Samut Songkran. Timing the visit to coincide with the incoming tide the angler fished a variety of baits at various intervals across a wide section of the tidal river.
After only one hour’s angling a slight nodding of the tip indicated the presence of a Giant freshwater stingray which had taken an interest in the large deadbait twenty metres below.
Cautiously engaging the clutch resulted in the rod being bent into its full parabolic curve until the tip of the rod was submerged in the water.
After being strapped into the fighting harness the angler carefully notched the drag up a touch and wound down into the unseen predator.
The unseen Giant Stingray responded by moving away powerfully across the riverbed causing the boat to be dragged around before going to ground in the muddy substrate.
After repositioning the boat directly above the stingray the angler reapplied pressure causing the stingray to leave its underwater lair and embark on another powerful series of runs.
A fifteen minute battle followed which saw Mark battling the Giant Stingray as it continually clamped onto the bottom in an attempt to evade capture.
Finally the Giant Stingray lay beaten on the surface of the river next to the boat where it was gently eased over the waiting net.
After safely netting the stingray the fish was carefully transported to the riverside for scientific examination by veterinary scientists from Chulalongkorn University.
The Giant Stingray was estimated to weigh 70kg’s and was observed to be a female the Giant Stingray was released after all scientific data had been recorded.
With the tide still looking good for a bite or two the anglers returned to the same area in the hope of more Giant Stingray action.
Mark continued fishing for Giant stingrays for a further four hours and also accounted for two smaller specimens with estimated weights of 40 and 50kg’s.
Both Giant Stingrays were identified as being males and were recorded at widths of 1.2 and 1.3m’s.
Scientific data was recorded by the onsite scientific team before the Giant Stingrays were released back into the river.


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