Fishing at Topcats in Thailand Ian Welch. – 01 02 2009

On the second day of a two day visit to Topcats fishery in Koh Samui Ian Welch once again positioned his rods in the far margins of the lake.
Fishing to a heavily baited area close to a boat Ian offered particle hookbait’s over a large bed of groundbait.
Ian offered 4 oz Fox method feeders loaded with groundbait with maize hookbaits popped up with rig foam on super sharp Owner hooks.

Shortly after positioning the rods the angler was soon bent into a large Mekong Catfish which fought every inch to the net.
After allowing the fish a few minutes to recover the fish was photographed before being carefully released into the lake.
The fish was estimated to weigh 25kg’s and was observed to be in perfect condition.

As the day progressed Ian steadily amassed a fifteen fish haul with several good sized Giant Siamese Carp to an estimated 40lb’s.
Mekong Catfish also figured heavily in the capture with various fish caught to an estimated 30kg’s.
Included in Ian’s haul were Rohu to 15lb’s in addition to Pacu and a bonus Alligator Gar of an estimated 16lb’s.
After fishing well throughout the day Ian retired to the restaurant for a few beers where he was entertained by Mike Lucas snr into the early hours.
The full account of Ian’s trip to Topcats fishery can be seen in the coming weeks in a two part series in the Anglers Mail.


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