Thailand Giant freshwater stingray fishing Maeklong River. – 08 03 2011

Japanese angler Takuya having previously caught several Giant freshwater stingrays fishing at the Maeklong River returned accompanied by a Japanese TV crew.
On arrival at the Maeklong River the angler quickly boarded a boat and made his way to the famous Area 51 section of the tidal river.
Large snakehead livebaits were positioned at various depths across the river in readiness for the incoming tide from the Gulf of Thailand.
With the water levels rapidly creeping up the angler waited patiently for the Giant freshwater stingrays to arrive.
After twenty minutes one of the baits was picked up signaling a take causing the angler to don the fighting harness and clip onto the Okuma Makiara multiplier.
Winding down into the unseen Giant freshwater stingray the heavy stand up rod began to slowly bend down towards the water.
Immediately it was clear that the freshwater stingray was not a particularily large specimen as the angler managed to bring the freshwater stingray up off the bottom after several brief minutes.
The Giant freshwater stingray glided around under the boat as it was slowly winched up from the depths.
Seconds later a small Giant freshwater stingray surfaced wildly thrashing the surface of the water with its tail.
The guides quickly made the tail safe with a bandage and dragged the freshwater stingray into the boat. The stingray was promptly brought to the riverside where veterinary scientists thoroughly examined the stingray.
The small Giant freshwater stingray was identified as being a male and measured at a width of 80cm’s. The Giant freshwater stingray was estimated to weigh 25 kg’s and was released after photography.
With plenty of time left for freshwater stingray fishing Takuya was soon repositioned in Area 51.
With only one hour’s fishing time left Takuya returned to Area 51 and fished for the Giant freshwater stingrays for a further hour.
Just when they were about to finish fishing another finicky take saw the Japanese angler attached to yet another Giant freshwater stingray which turned out to be another small male of an estimated 30kg’s (90cm).

Thailand Giant freshwater stingray fishing Maeklong River


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