Freshwater stingray fishing Thailand – 19 03 2011

Swedish angler Rutger after landing a massive haul of Redtail Catfish the previous day moved onto the Maeklong River fishing for Giant freshwater stingray fishing Thailand.
An early start saw the European angler freshwater stingray fishing in the famous Area 51 section of the tidal river.
After meticulously placing large livebaits at various depths in the river the angler waited patiently for events to unfold. Corresponding his visit to coincide with the incoming high tide from the Gulf of Thailand the angler waited for the freshwater stingrays to arrive. As the tidal river began to rise a slight knocking on one of the rods indicated the stingrays had arrived.
Winding down with the Okuma Makaira multiplier soon revealed that nothing was on the end of the line and that the snakehead hookbait had been crushed flat by a stingray.
After re positioning the bait in the same area the angler turned his attention to one of the other baits which was now also indicating a subtle but determined take.
On this occasion the Owner circle hook held firm and as the angler wound down into the unseen monster freshwater stingray the rod arched over alarmingly.
The captain instantly burst into action pulling up the anchor and allowing the freshwater stingray to slowly tow the boat upstream.
After towing the boat over forty yards the Giant freshwater stingray suddenly ground to a halt deeply embedding itself in the muddy substrate.
The boat was quickly positioned above the fish allowing the angler to apply copious amounts of pressure from above.
With the 120lb class Okuma stand up rod creaking under the strain the angler continued to pile on the pressure for a further ten minutes before the Giant freshwater stingray relinquished its hold on the bottom.
With the freshwater stingray now off the bottom Rutger cranked the Okuma multiplier for all his might replacing line back onto the reel.
Once again the Giant freshwater stingray gave another display of its power dragging the boat behind it.
After moving back down stream the freshwater stingray once again went to ground causing the angler to once again apply pressure from above.
Finally after ten long minutes the stingray moved off across the bottom.
This time the angler gave the freshwater stingray no quarter bringing the Giant freshwater stingray into the middle layers of the tidal river.
The Giant freshwater stingray was clearly a good fish and wallowed around under the boat for a further ten minutes before it was sighted deep below the boat.
Carefully manoeuvring the boat the captain positioned the long tail boat alongside the Giant freshwater stingray as the guides unfurled the large mesh net on the side of the boat.
Several tense minutes followed as the Giant freshwater stingray broke through the surface layers wildly flailing its whip like tail.
Expertly the net was swept under the monster Giant freshwater stingray and the tail was quickly wrapped with a thick bandage making it safe.
The Giant Freshwater stingray was quickly taken to the riverside where veterinary scientists from Chulalongkorn University gave the stingray a scientific examination.
After taking all relevant samples the Giant freshwater stingray was photographed and identified as being a large male.
The Giant freshwater stingray was estimated to weigh 100kg’s+ and was released after a few trophy shots.
Rutger also caught two other small male Giant freshwater stingrays with widths of 90cm estimated to weigh 30-35kg’s. Another successful trip stingray fishing Thailand.

Freshwater stingray fishing Thailand



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