Freshwater Stingray fishing Thailand – 23 11 2009

The second day of the TBS trip saw the anglers stingray fishing at various parts of the tidal Maeklong in search of more River Monsters.
After carefully positioning the baits at various intervals across the tidal river the anglers waited patiently for the freshwater stingrays.
A nodding on the tip soon indicated a take from a freshwater stingray causing the anglers to quickly engage the clutch and commence battle.
The freshwater stingray powerfully moved away with the bait causing the boat to violently swing round in the main flow.
The engine was immediately started and the boat moved directly above the monster freshwater stingray before pressure was reapplied from above.
After several minutes of continued pressure from above the freshwater stingray was prised from the muddy riverbed where it continued to glide around in mid water.
The freshwater stingray was brought close to the net on several occasions only for it to dive back down into the murky depths.
Twenty minutes later the freshwater stingray was finally netted before being carefully transported back to the riverside research area.
The large freshwater stingray was identified as being a male and measured at a width of 1.58m’s with an estimated weight of 110-120kg’s.
The freshwater stingray was placed in the onsite holding pen for inspection by veterinary scientists from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.
The anglers returned to the productive section of tidal river and went about the business of repositioning the baits.
After finishing this process the anglers once again waited for further events to unfold.
An hour later all hell broke loose as another freshwater stingray powered off with the bait.
This time the freshwater stingray moved upstream on a determined run causing the boat to be towed for twenty yards.
The anglers wasted no time in starting the engine and following the fish upstream and regaining precious line back onto the reel.
The new prototype 130lb Conoflex rod was bent sharply down to the water as the freshwater stingray embedded itself in the muddy bottom.
Fifteen minutes passed with the battle at almost a stalemate with both anglers and the stingray not gaining any ground.
Suddenly the tip of the rod sprang back as the freshwater stingray left its underwater lair causing the anglers to wind furiously to keep the stingray away from the bottom.
The freshwater stingray was pumped up to the surface where its tail flailed wildly next to the boat.
With a few fraught moments on netting the fish quickly overcome the freshwater stingray was cautiously netted and secured next to the boat.
The freshwater stingray was carefully transported back to the riverside where veterinary scientists from Chualongkorn University made a thorough scientific examination of both fish.
The second freshwater stingray was also identified as being a male and found to have a width of 1.5m’s and was estimated to weigh 100kg’s.
After acquiring all relevant scientific samples the freshwater stingrays were released back into the river at the same time

Freshwater Stingray fishing Thailand


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