Freshwater Stingray fishing Thailand Maeklong River – 11 11 2009

Day three of the stingray fishing trip to the Maeklong River saw the team once again connected with a Giant stingray.
The anglers had hooked the Giant Stingray from a previously unfished area of the river and had now battled the stingray for almost forty minutes.

Regularily taking turns to wind the fish to the surface saw the anglers starting to get the better of the fish and gaining line back onto the reel inch by inch.

After several more minutes the tip on the rod sprang back as the stingray was shifted from its underwater lair.
Winding furiously to regain contact with the unseen freshwater stingray soon saw the rod arched back into its fighting curve as the fish was fought out in open water.

Five more minutes passed before the stingray was finally brought over the waiting net and quickly secured alongside the boat.

The monster stingray was slowly taken back to the research area where it was examined by the Chulalongkorn University scientists.
The Giant freshwater stingray was measured at a width of 1.6m’s and was observed to be a large female.
The Giant stingray was estimated to weigh 140kg’s and was released shortly afterwards back into the river.
Returning back to the river the anglers repositioned the baits in the hope a further action from freshwater stingrays.
Fishing a wide section of the river the anglers patiently waited in the chance of catching yet another stingray.

Two hours passed with several aborted takes revealing that giant freshwater stingrays were still in the vicinity.
A slow ticking from the clutch of one of the reels heralded the beginning of yet another battle which lasted some ten minutes.

The Giant freshwater stingray on this occasion was a smaller male specimen weighing an estimated 50kg’s.
The stingray was measured at a width of 1.4m’s and was released after a thorough scientific examination by the onsite Freshwater Stingray fishing Thailand Maeklong River science team.


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