Freshwater Stingray Fishing in Thailand – 25 01 2013

US angler Dan and his friend continued the second day of their Thailand fishing holiday fishing for Giant freshwater stingrays at the Maeklong River.

After successfully landing two very big Giant freshwater stingrays on the previous day whilst stingray fishing at the Maeklong River the anglers were soon positioned near a wide bend in the tidal river.

After placing baits at various points across the tidal river the anglers waited for further developments.

After almost an hour one of the stingray fishing rods started knocking and line began to slowly trickle from the reel.

Winding down into the unseen stingray saw the stingray fishing rod taking up a healthy curve as it bent down towards the water.

As the angler cranked up the pressure the Giant freshwater stingray moved powerfully across the riverbed in a down stream direction.

With the stingray fishing rod bent well into the unseen Giant freshwater stingray it suddenly and without warning sprang back with the line falling limp.

On closer inspection the cirlce hook had pulled out leaving the angler to wonder how big the stingray had actually been.

After changing the circle hook the anglers once again re-positioned the bait and waited for events to unfold.

Another hour passed before once again one of the stingray fishing rods burst into life.

The battle on this occasion was over in a matter of minutes with the small Giant freshwater stingray of an estimated 30kg’s totally over powered by the heavy duty stingray fishing outfit.

The Giant freshwater stingray was quickly unhooked whilst in the water before being released back into the tidal river.

The days Giant freshwater stingray fishing continued with the guys hooking yet another Giant freshwater stingray towards the end of the days fishing, unfortunately the hook did not hold on this occasion and the stingray dropped off after only a few minutes.

With the tide slowly returning towards the Gulf of Thailand the days Thailand stingray fishing trip came to an end and the guys prepared for the journey back to Bangkok.

Fishing for Giant freshwater stingrays in Thailand


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